Useful ideas

Storage in a small bathroom: interesting ideas and good examples


Proper organization of space is the key to order in the bathroom.

Especially if its size is limited to square meters.

Where to hide the bubbles with shampoos and gels, where to hang towels and how to make the room stylish at the same time?

1. Hide everything under the sink

Storage under the sink

In a small bathroom you need to rationally use every inch of space. It is worth paying attention to the place under the sink, regardless of whether it is open or closed. If the sink does not have a special pedestal, then you need to equip the space under it with open shelves. Here, as an organizer, it is good to use wicker baskets, plastic and metal containers. They can be decorated with a decorative film that will bring a zest to the space.

Bathroom storage

Rational use of space under the sink

Even if the place under the sink is open, household items can be stored there.

If under the sink there is a special bollard, then for its arrangement it is good to use metal rails for the bathroom and a bucket, where it is convenient to put all sorts of household stuff. This allows you to unload a place in the room and hide from the views of the guests all personal hygiene items.

Proper storage under the sink

2. Engage niches

Keeping towels in a narrow niche

Sometimes a space that seemed completely useless can serve well. For example, if the bathroom has small niches or free space on the wall near the bathroom, it is convenient to use it for storing soap and towels. And so that the interior does not seem boring, the same household items can act as a decor.

Bright towels make the interior of a white bathroom interesting.

Can be used to store the wall near the bath

3. Make open shelves

In a small bathroom, open shelves would also be appropriate: above the door, in the corners, near a mirror, on a free wall. On wide shelves you can store towels, baskets with cosmetics, bubbles with shampoos and gels. On narrow shelves, jars with cotton pads, a glass with toothbrushes, favorite perfumes, several gels or creams will fit perfectly.

It is known that oblong open shelves visually make a room wider, which is another advantage of such structures in a small bathroom.

Open rack in the bathroom

On the wall near the bath you can make open shelves

Neat hinged shelves in the bathroom

Compact organizer for storage in the bathroom

Oblong open shelves visually expand the space

Storage of small things on the open shelves

4. Use the ladder

Almost every apartment has a stepladder, but it is used very rarely. Most often, it gathers dust somewhere behind the door, in the pantry or on the balcony. It is possible to return her second life, using in the bathroom, instead of a shelving or towel holder.

Stepladder instead of shelving

Stepladder as a towel holder

5. Store the little things in the original organizers

For storage of cotton pads, soap, salt, small tubes fit glass jars and decorative buckets. Interestingly, even ordinary pots and pots for indoor plants are suitable for the role of organizers.

Relevant to use in a small bathroom and multi-storey stand for soap, washcloths and jars. They do not take up much space, and allow you to arrange a lot of items.

Flower pots as bathroom organizers

Original storage of small things in the bathroom

Decorative Organizers

Buckets on the railing

Multi-storey stand for storage in the bathroom

Glass jars perfectly cope with the role of organizers

Beautiful shampoo and shower gel holder