Useful ideas

20 ideas for owners of small apartments that will help expand the capabilities of several "squares"


Not all are happy owners of large apartments. At the same time, the owners of “odnushek” often believe that their homes and the most necessary things will not always fit.

But professional designers are sure that limited space should not be a barrier to comfort and coziness. In this review, 20 proven ways to optimize the space of a small apartment.

1. Add another level

The extra level never hurts.

When people usually think about shelves, they think that only books can be stored on them. For some reason, most people forget that any things can be stored on the shelf.

2. Retractable beds

The perfect bed solution.

If a family with children lives in a small space, it is worth trying retractable beds. They can be hidden anywhere, including under a regular bed. During the day, these beds can be pushed in, hiding them, and at night they will provide a comfortable sleeping space for children.

3. Drawers and cabinets

Boxes do not happen much.

Do not underestimate the role in the interior of drawers and cabinets. The boxes can be installed anywhere: they can be located next to the bed, move under it, or even be located above the bed (in this case you need to make sure that they are set high enough not to hit your head each time you get out of bed). This allows you to store clothes, art and much more. Moreover, such drawers or cabinets can also be decorated in accordance with the interior of the room.

4. Furniture of modest dimensions

Do not clutter up the house with furniture.

For example, if one person lives in an apartment, you should think about purchasing smaller furniture for a room. For example, a double couch and a single bed are cheaper and take up much less space.

5. Soft wall panels

Convenient and practical.

Soft wall panels are guaranteed to add comfort to the room. If the size of the room is enough to install only a small bed right next to the wall, the addition of soft wall panels behind the headboard and a large number of pillows on the bed can make the interior very “homely”. And if you add a small bookshelf next to it and a TV mounted on the wall, then you don’t want to get out of such a bed.

6. All-in-one

Super functional furniture.

Minimalists will definitely like this idea. A bed with a rack and a mini-table for installing a computer, pulled out from under it, can fit anywhere. If you install the lamp directly above the bed, you do not even have to get out of bed after work.

7. Function space

With the right approach, everything is possible.

You can install a bed and a desk even in a small room. For this you need a bunk bed. It will be possible to sleep on the second tier, and a desk will be located below. From the side racks you can make shelves for books and pots of flowers.

8. Wall Art

Original wall decoration.

If the room has no place for the head of the bed, you can add some nice wallpaper or wall art near the "head" of the bed. This will help to revitalize the room without taking up extra space.

9. Make the room brighter

To the mood was good.

The white room will give the illusion of more space. Painting the walls, as well as any white furniture is perfect for this. Sometimes all you need is an illusion.

10. Under the bed

The space under the bed is quite useful.

The shelves and the space under the raised bed are ideal for storing clothes, shoes and bags. These things take up more space than everyone usually thinks, and almost no one wants to show them off. Extra storage space helps keep everything in order.

11. Modular beds

The perfect solution for any apartment.

This multifunctional bed is customized to your individual needs and is more than just a place to rest. Parts of the modular bed are removable and can be stored separately.

12. Folding wall table

Folding wall table - compact and impressive.

Sometimes it happens that you need a place to eat or study, but there is no place for a table. In this case, a wall-mounted folding table. It is almost invisible when not in use and seems like a sort of cabinet on the wall. If there is free space on the wall, then there is a place for the table (especially since they come in different sizes and are suitable for meeting the needs of anyone).

13. Kitchenette

Very small and very functional.

Maybe someone needs to hide their food from greedy roommates. Or maybe a person does not need a full-size refrigerator. A two-in-one unit (mini-fridge with microwave) is the perfect solution. Some of these devices even have additional storage space for canned goods or dishes. And if you add a decoration on top, then this thing can be installed anywhere in the room.

14. Hidden storage

For the most important.

A common problem that almost everyone faces is the question of "where to shove all your stuff that seems to multiply every day." Such an ottoman is quite cute and surprisingly spacious. And what is most interesting, you can not only put your legs on it while sitting on the chair, but also use it for storage (for this you just need to remove the lid).

15. Chest and bed - two in one

Functional storage system.

Dressers take up a lot of space. Therefore, a much better way to store your clothes and linen will be orderly in a special bed with sections under the mattress.

16. Shelf over the sink

Housewives will appreciate.

It is possible to provide more space in your kitchen by building a shelf in a place that is rarely used - right above the sink. To do this, you just need to hammer together with a pair of nails a piece of wood and a pair of pieces of wood that will become legs. This is not only an attractive addition to the kitchen, but also extra space for cups, soap, plants, or anything else.

17. Shelf over the door

And does not bother anyone.

If the free space on the walls has ended, you just need to take a closer look - it certainly is, right above the entrance door. This is a convenient place for items that are not used every day - for example, spare towels, sheets, knickknacks, etc.

18. Table-shelf for sofa

For maximum comfort.

Almost always the space behind the sofa is wasted. Now you can use these few extra centimeters, usually serving as a "dust collector". With minimal skills in carpenter (or shopping), you can get a shelf-table, which is ideal for the space behind the sofa.

19. Mirrors

The mirror is the perfect way to create the illusion of space.

You should always use a creative approach to your mirrors to create the illusion of space. A mirror placed in the right place can visually make a room twice as large.

20. Drawers for small appliances

For important trivia.

Microwaves and other appliances may eventually take up a large amount of space in the kitchen. Drawers can help you deal with clutter and retrieve appliances only when they are needed.