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17 amusing things for the house that you want to buy immediately


On the market now and then there are a variety of designer gadgets designed to refresh the interior or ease our life.

For the most part, this is frank trash, but there are also quite amusing copies.

About them will be discussed in this review.

1. Endless calendar

A calendar that is current from year to year.

If you are buying a new calendar from year to year, it makes sense to think about purchasing an endless calendar that will be relevant every year. The product is made of high-quality wood with high-quality engraving and convenient mounting on the wall.

2. Fireplace

Bowl for the fire.

A delightful fire pitcher in the form of the Death Star will amaze not only Star Wars fans, but also those who have not watched a single part of the saga.

3. Magnetic Opener

Wall mounted bottle opener.

Magnetic bottle opener with a basketball ring for collecting caps is an interesting accessory for fans of soft drinks.

4. A set of pens

The original set of pens.

A set of pens in the form of blades of grass and a stand for them in the form of a flower pot is a wonderful accessory that can revive any workplace, regardless of whether it belongs to a schoolboy or a director of a large company.

5. Fan-clock

Fan clock, powered by USB.

This strange, at first glance, thing is nothing more than a fan with a dial that shows the exact time. This interesting accessory works from USB and is able to make work at the computer much more comfortable.

6. Flower pot

Pot in the form of Groot.

A tiny flower pot in the form of Groot will make even the most primitive plants come to life.

7. Coal

Coal in the form of skulls.

A party in nature or friendly gatherings around the campfire will be much more atmospheric if you put the embers in the form of skulls in the bowl.

8. Player

Turntable for vinyl records.

The unique vinyl record player, made in eco-style, will be a great gift for music lovers.

9. Pencil stand

Desktop stand for pencils.

You can feel yourself like Brutus by inserting pencils into the back of this stand in the form of a bust of Julius Caesar.

10. Light

In the form of a cloud.

This fantastic cloud will fill any room with soft blue light and help create a unique atmosphere.

11. Egg Stands

Funny egg coasters.

Funny coasters for boiled eggs in the form of figures of medieval knights - a great thing for those who raise children or who are still a child.

12. Cutting board

Chopping board with a ruler.

Chopping board with a ruler for situations where size does matter.

13. radiator

Heater in the form of a dinosaur.

Funny heater in the form of a dinosaur skeleton will help to warm the room, dry wet things and become an original decoration of the house.

14. Flying plants

Flying flower pot.

A small neat stand, capable of making the plants soar and rotate in the air. This is due to the magnetic installation, hidden under the plastic shell in the Japanese style.

15. Toaster

Toaster defibrillator.

With such a toaster, you can safely shout: "Sister, defibrillator!" and do emergency resuscitation of the slices of bread until they are browned.

16. The back

Back for a bed.

The soft plush back with armrests, a lamp and a set of pockets, will become successful purchase for those who like to work, without getting out of a bed.

17. Knife

Knives in the form of whales.

A set of designer knives, made in the form of whales. However, despite their toy look and small size, they are very sharp and will become real helpers in the kitchen.