Useful ideas

Illustrative examples of how to turn a balcony from a place of storage of rubbish into a cozy corner


In most cases, a balcony or a loggia is the place where banks-flasks, boxes, old things and other trash are most often stored.

But what if these couple of square meters, let's say, turn into a small office or a cozy seating area, where you can enjoy your time with friends for a cup of tea or something stronger?

1. Design a small loggia

Sometimes even 4 square. m. - is a real gift that should be used to the fullest.

For smaller rooms, light colors and shades are best suited.

2. Balcony / Loggia design with kitchen

The combination of these spaces is a very popular solution.

Moving from the kitchen dining area, we get a large area for comfortable cooking.

On the spacious square will fit not only the working area, but also a small table for a snack.

It is also possible to convert this space under a comfortable barbecue area.

3. Design a balcony / loggia with a bedroom

Modern design of the loggia, combined with the bedroom.

The design of the balcony in the bedroom is designed to give a good mood.

4. Cool ideas for decorating your balcony

Prefer to work at home? A study on the balcony is an excellent option.

Compact table, comfortable chair, a few decorative items. And a stylish home-office is ready.

Compact seating area.

A small sofa - that is ideal for a comfortable stay on the balcony.

A pair of chairs and a table-shelf are ideal for a balcony.

Suspended chair swing - that. what you need to rest after a hard day.

5. Styles of the balcony

Balcony in modern style.

High-tech balcony

Balcony in a classic style.

6. Furniture for the balcony

Folding tables, chairs, chaise lounges will not only decorate the room, but also make it cozy.

Shelving and compact furniture - the perfect solution.

It is worth remembering that it is the little things and details that complement the interior.