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Cunning lotion that will help solve all the problems associated with clothing and footwear


Household troubles happen to everyone.

This may be an unbuttoned fly, and put a fat spot.

All these little things bring a lot of trouble and can pretty spoil the mood.

We have collected 17 ways to deal with problems related to clothing and shoes.

1. Bleach stains

Bleach stains on black.

The only way to save your favorite black blouse, on which blemish or stain remover stains appeared, is to use a marker. Carefully paint over the discolored areas with black and you can be calm until the next wash.

2. Tie

Instructions for tying a tie.

In the life of any man there comes a time when you need to wear a suit and tie a tie. For a newbie, this can be a daunting task. The most affordable way to tie a tie is to throw the wide end of the tie on a narrow one, wrap it around, and then lead it through the resulting loop.

3. Stains from foundation

Stains from foundation.

Shaving foam will help to get rid of foundation stains on clothes and towels. Apply a little foam to the contaminated area, rub it, and then wash it in the usual way. The only remark, this method works only with fresh pollution.

4. Spots on the skin

Cleaning leather goods.

Spots on leather are rare. However, if the pollution has already appeared, it will not be easy to get rid of them. Vinegar will help to cope with stains. Apply it on a soft brush and gently rub the stains until they disappear.

Fitting jeans.

There is a little trick that will allow you to determine whether you like the model of jeans, without fitting. Simply wrap the buttoned jeans belt around your neck. If the trouser belt is well closed on the back of the head, does not hang and does not press, then you should try on jeans.

6. Fatty stains

Fresh grease stains.

To prevent fat stains from causing problems in the future, immediately after they form, sprinkle them with talcum powder or baby powder. It absorbs grease and stains are washed with ordinary powder or soap without the use of aggressive chemicals.

7. Rivet on jeans

Paper clip instead of buttons.

A loose rivet on jeans can temporarily replace a small binder. For this purpose, it is better to choose a clamp more tightly so that it holds tightly the waistband of the trousers.

8. Freshness

Lemon freshness for clothes.

Return the clothes, which had long been lying in the closet, will help refresh the mixture of water and lemon juice. Spray a small amount of the resulting mixture onto your clothes and they will regain a pleasant aroma.

9. Patent leather

Glitter patent leather.

To make worn patent leather shoes light up again, wipe them with glass cleaner.

10. Express ironing

Ironing ironing.

The curler can be used not only to smooth the hair, but also to smooth small wrinkles on clothes. So, using the hair straightener, you can iron the collar, cuffs or shirt bottom as quickly as possible.

11. Sticking lightning

Lightning that sticks.

To save the lightning, which sticks, will help wax, pencil lead or petroleum jelly. Scrub the problem area of ​​the zipper well with the chosen tool so that the "dog" slides easily.

12. Drying clothes

Speed ​​up the drying of clothes.

If you need to speed up the process of drying clothes, it is best to use a warm towel. Just lay things on a towel and twist into a tight roll, squeeze the roll well with your hands in different places. Terry fibers absorb excess moisture, the thing dries faster.

13. Wool products

Care for woolen products.

Put a wool sweater for several hours in the freezer so that it will not shed or become deformed during the washing process.

14. Reels

Reels on clothes.

If your pants or jumper is overgrown with pellets, get rid of them with a disposable razor.

15. The fly

Clamp doggie.

Unbuttoned fly - a problem familiar to everyone. So, if the "dog" on your pants now and then slides down, attach it to a button with a regular elastic band or key ring.

16. Leather jacket

New leather jacket.

New leather jacket seems too shiny and uncomfortable? Go out for a walk in it in rainy weather. Moisture will remove excess gloss, the skin will soften, and the product will get a slightly worn look.

17. Clasp

Alternative fastener.

The lost clasp from the puset will successfully replace a piece of soft eraser. Such a trick will allow you to securely fasten the earring and eliminate the need to spend money on buying new ones.

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