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8 mistakes during the wash, which should be avoided so as not to spoil the towels


The towel is an indispensable attribute in the house of any hostess. Regardless of whether we wipe our hands with them or wrap ourselves up after a relaxing bath, we always want the towel to be soft, fluffy and gentle. However, over time, the product loses its beautiful appearance, it becomes more rigid and unpleasant to the touch.

And the point is not so much in the quality of a product, so much in the fact that we exploit it incorrectly. Below you will see a list of the most common mistakes that hostesses make when using and caring for a towel. Try not to make them, and then you will buy these products much less often.

1. Put a large amount of powder

If you put a lot of powder, it is not completely washed out of the towels.

More is not always better. Especially when it comes to washing. Before you put the towels in the washing machine, read the instructions and put just as much powder as indicated on the package. If you go overboard with it, then when rinsing the product is not washed out completely, which will lead to towel stiffness.

2. Using air conditioning

The conditioner creates a film on the towels, which makes the product tough.

Despite the fact that the air conditioner is designed to improve water quality, make things soft and pleasant aroma, in the case of towels it is better not to use it. The fact that the tool can remain on the surface of the fabric, forming a thin wax film. If you do not rinse the towels well enough, they will lose their softness. Experts advise to use ordinary vinegar instead of the conditioner. Add a small amount to the washing machine in the rinse cycle and then the products will be silky and pleasant to the touch. Another option is an air conditioner designed for children's things or a tool that contains silicone. According to the information, this component improves the level of hygroscopicity of the fabric.

3. Remove towel make-up

Traces of cosmetics badly wash off.

How similar it is to girls to go to the shower, forgetting that there is a large amount of cosmetics on the face. Well, if awareness comes in the process of bathing and there is micellar water and cotton pads on hand. And if you find war paint after half left on the towel, then get ready for a big wash. Cosmetic products are washed out very hard, especially mascara. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you can only wash the towel at a high temperature by choosing a long cycle. Also, manufacturers advise to wash up the stain immediately after you find it. So it will be easier to return the towel its beautiful appearance.

4. Wash in too hot water

Hot water is not suitable for washing colored towels.

Hot water helps in the process of removing bacteria and dirt from tissues, but it is relevant only if you wash out white things. In all other situations, it is better to use warm or cold water, as boiling water negatively affects the color, making it more dull.

5. Often use a towel.

Even if you have a favorite towel, without which you can’t imagine your water treatment, you still need at least one more product per shift. While one "works", the second "rests." In this way, you can avoid frequent washes and quick towel damage.

If you use the towel too often, it will quickly deteriorate.

Expert opinion: The frequency of washing depends on the type of textiles that you use: baths need to be refreshed after three uses, kitchenware - 3-4 times a week, but it can be daily, depending on the degree of contamination.

6. Use for other purposes

Do not use to remove stains on the surfaces of the towel.

Often, housewives use kitchen towels not only to wipe their hands or wipe the dishes. They wipe the table with them, remove grease stains from surfaces, exploit when they need to get a baking sheet from the oven, and so on. However, the use of towels for other purposes only contributes to their rapid wear. The product becomes tough, loses its softness, becomes faded and ugly. Therefore, to eliminate contamination, use special cloths or napkins.

7. Do not remove stains before washing.

Remove the stains from the towels in time.

On kitchen towels often remain stains from coffee, beets, sunflower oil, and so on, which are included in the category of hardly removable. If immediately after the stain has formed, you do not soak the product, or immediately send it to the washing machine, then there is a high probability that it does not wash off at all. If you decide to remove stains using washing in a washing machine, then be sure to use bleach. It eliminates stains and unpleasant odors well, disinfects fabric, returns them to their usual color. However, remember that you only need to buy oxygen-containing products, since the presence of chlorine in the composition harms both towels and household appliances.

8. Erasing along with other things.

towels should be washed separately from other things.

Experts do not recommend washing towels along with bedding and clothing. Firstly, it is unhygienic, and secondly, buttons, zippers, various decorative elements that are present on the wardrobe items may catch on to the pile and spoil the appearance of towels. In addition, you can not load the washing machine drum at 100% - it should be filled no more than заполн.