Useful ideas

9 tips on how to change the kitchen in a day without spending a dime on new furniture


Not always update the kitchen interior is costly and time consuming.

If you come to this question creatively, connect the enthusiasm and imagination, then transform the look of the room will turn out in 24 hours.

We offer you some interesting ideas that you will definitely like.

1. Paint the walls

Paint one of the walls with a bright color.

If you acted prudently, and hung wallpaper in the kitchen that can be painted, then it's time to take up paint and paint brushes. When choosing colors, we recommend to stay in two versions: white and bright, for example, yellow or orange. Let's tell why. According to our information, white will visually increase the area of ​​the room, make it bright and spacious, and besides, it combines perfectly with other shades. A yellow or orange will cheer up, improve your appetite, will look very stylish, attracting the attention of guests.

Expert opinion: The kitchen can be made out in any color, except for a combination of black, gray and white. This interior is called achromatic and does not carry a color emotion. Kitchen design in these colors will seem dull and dull, can suppress the mood.

2. Upgrade the façade of the kitchen unit

The front of the lockers can be glued with a self-adhesive film.

Of course, you can replace the headset completely, but the furniture will be expensive and you can hardly cope with the choice and replacement of lockers for the day. A great alternative is self-adhesive film. In a specialty store, you can choose the version of any color with or without an image. Thus, you will be able to update the kitchen set, without putting much effort into it, and making serious financial investments.

By the way, if you are good at drawing or you have friends who are fond of hand made, you can decorate the surface using the decoupage technique, or simply paint the glass of the lockers.

Glasses can be painted with ordinary paints.

Various patterns will look very original. Another good option is graffiti. Pictures or inscriptions made with paint will make the kitchen beautiful and modern. Especially successful this update will be in the apartment in the style of a loft or high-tech.

3. Reseat the seams between the tiles.

The tile will look like new if you miss the seams in time.

Very many people recently choose a kitchen apron for the design of the working area, as it is not only functional, but also beautiful. However, given that the main task of the apron is to protect the wall from grease, water droplets and other contaminants, after a while it loses its attractive appearance. In order not to spend money on the replacement of this element, you can go a simpler way - buy a grout for the tile and just miss the seams.

If your apron is white, you can update it with any bright color, ranging from blue to green. The most important thing is to follow the general style and color of the kitchen so that all the elements look harmonious.

The apron can be painted in bright green.

The same trick can be done with the floor, but only if it is tiled. Do not be afraid to afford bold colors. It is not necessary that the entire floor covering be of the same color. You can combine different shades, as long as they are combined with each other.

4. Replace curtains

Choose the color of the curtains depending on the overall color of the kitchen.

You can not even guess how ordinary curtains can change the look of the kitchen. They will bring a touch of freshness and novelty to the interior, while not radically changing anything. By the way, if the room is decorated in the style of minimalism, then the curtains can be removed altogether by hanging the blinds instead.

Wooden blinds look beautiful and unobtrusive.

Another option that is gaining popularity is roller blinds. They represent a single canvas that covers the entire surface of the window. Top kits are rolled into a roll, hence the name.

You can also try to decorate the room with light curtains of bright colors. They can be depicted fruits or other drawings that will add brightness and lightness to the interior.

Bright curtains attract attention.

However, please note that this option is not suitable for all interiors. In a strict classic room, they will look inappropriate.

5. Paint the ceiling

After whitewashing the ceiling will look completely different.

Sooner or later, the kitchen ceiling comes into disrepair, since it is under heavy stress in the form of steam, fat spray, smoke, dust. In order not to wait for the moment when it will be scary to look at the ceiling, just at one fine moment paint or whiten it. You will immediately notice how everything around has become brighter and more spacious.

6. Place bright containers and dishes on the shelves.

Bright dishes on the open shelves - the decoration of your kitchen.

If your kitchen is equipped with open shelves and wall cabinets with glass doors, you can purchase bright containers or cans for sugar, tea, coffee, cereals. This does not require large financial investments, but the room will immediately change, it will become more beautiful and fresh to look like.

By the same principle, you can buy bright dishes. Just choose the right color scheme. For example, yellow - improves the appetite, but red, on the contrary, discourages eating.

7. Change the color of upholstered furniture.

If the upholstery on kitchen furniture has deteriorated, order a new one.

Now we suggest not to buy new furniture, but only to replace the upholstery on old chairs, a kitchenette or a dining group. It would seem that only the color will change, but at the same time the kitchen will play with new colors.

8. Get rid of trash.

Check the lockers - they may have a lot of unnecessary containers, dishes and devices.

It's amazing how sometimes a few unnecessary things spoil the look of the whole room. It’s like a desktop: when there are a lot of pens, notebooks, photos and other small things on it, it looks untidy and spoils the whole attitude of work. But if you put it in order and leave only a few of the most necessary things, then you will immediately feel the difference and notice how your mood improves. Likewise with the kitchen: think about it, do you really need all the jars, kitchen accessories, fridge magnets? You may not be using this pan for a long time, but it still takes up space in the locker. Perform an audit and free the room from the trash. The kitchen will become more spacious and you will get more free space for maneuvers. In addition, minimalism is now in vogue.

9. Change the lighting

The kitchen should be well lit.

Interior designers are advised to make multi-level lighting in the kitchen. If you still have only one lamp hanging above the whitewashed table, then it's time to use the recommendation of professionals. Make sure the kitchen has good lighting. In addressing this issue will help spotlights, chandeliers, sconces. By the way, with the help of lighting you can zone the space. Thus, you can designate a recreation area and a working area.

As you can see, to update the interior of the kitchen, you do not need to invest a lot of time and effort. The above ideas can be fully realized in a day. It is not necessary to change everything at once, because even one new detail in the composition can refresh the design of the room and make it better.