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9 tricks that will cope with the problems in the bathroom itself, and not to cause plumbing


Problems with plumbing, pipes, taps can happen at any time.

And when the state of emergency comes, the water floods everything in its path with turbulent flows. In such situations, many frantically dial plumbing and pray that he immediately answered.

And this at the time, as a number of problems can be easily corrected on their own, even without a tool.

1. Toilet bowl

What can not be flushed down the toilet.

For some reason, many people naively believe that you can drop any things into the toilet and not worry about anything. This opinion is fundamentally wrong. Wet wipes, pads, condoms and adhesive plaster, flushed down the toilet, can lead to traffic jams and block the flow of water. Flushing cigarette butts and drugs into the toilet, you are poisoning the water with your own hands, which you yourself then drink. Also, do not pour into the toilet fatty foods and oils of any origin.

2. Careful attitude to the bath

Proper treatment of the bathroom.

So that the bath cover does not suffer from a sharp temperature drop, before you take a hot bath, prepare it. To do this, we recommend that you first rinse the walls with warm water and add some water to the bottom. After that, the water temperature can be increased to the desired. Such a trick will protect the enamel from cracking and yellowing.

3. Clogged toilet

Eliminate blockage without plunger.

If you have had such a nuisance as a toilet clog, and the plunger, as luck would have it, was broken or simply wasn’t, use scotch tape and cling film. Yes, yes, it can also create a vacuum that helps to clean the pipes. In addition to the cling film, you will also need double-sided tape that needs to be glued around the rim of the bowl. After that, you need to cover the bowl with cling film and press the drain button. At the moment when the film is swollen, press it with your hand to return to its previous position and create the effect of a vacuum that must pierce the pipe.

4. Pipe cleaning

Budget tube cleaner.

If a blockage suddenly appears in the sink or bath, and there are no special tools for cleaning the pipes at hand, use an affordable folk remedy. The editors are confident that the ingredients for the preparation of an alternative composition to combat the blockage will be found in any kitchen. All you need is soda and vinegar. Nothing to mix and cook will not have to, the reaction will occur right in the pipe. Just pour into the drain hole half a glass of soda, and then the same amount of vinegar. Leave the sink for 2 hours, and then let the stream of warm water into the sink.

5. Boiling water

Boiling water in the pipe.

There are conflicting opinions about whether it is possible to pour boiling water after cooking in the sink. Some argue that because of this, plastic pipes can melt, others are confident that PVC can withstand temperatures of more than 125 degrees. No matter how it was there, if you want to extend the age of your plumbing, it is better not to risk it and turn on cold water at the moment when you pour boiling water from the pan.

6. Oil and fat

Oil and grease in the sink.

If you want to avoid problems with pipes, never pour into the sink waste sunflower oil and grease left after cooking. The fact is that oil and fat do not dissolve in water. They gradually settle on the walls of the pipes, which leads to blockages. All advanced housewives have long been dumping this kind of waste into a glass jar or bottle.

Note: vegetable oil and fat harm not only sewage, but also ecology. As for engine or any other lubricating oil, its discharge into the sewage system over time can lead to an environmental disaster. One quarter of the oil can pollute up to a quarter of a million gallons of drinking water.

7. Repair of the washing machine

Replacing the drain hose.

The failure of the drain hose - one of the most common reasons for contacting plumbing. It is worth noting that in 10 minutes of work you will have to pay a tidy sum. In fact, you can buy and replace the drain hose yourself. The network has a lot of videos, which detail the repair process for different models of washing machines.

8. Bath bombs

Harm bombs for the bath.

Which of the girls does not like fragrant and foaming bath bombs? However, few people think that they contain glitter, salt and oil, which do not dissolve, but simply settle on the walls of pipes. Of course, a few bombs will not lead to a disaster, but if you use them regularly, get ready for problems with pipes in the form of blockages. To reduce the damage to bombs, pack them in nylon bags before use.

9. Prophylactic wash

Regular cleaning of the washing machine.

In order for the washing machine to serve as long as possible, and there are no unpleasant odors in the drum, you need to take care of it. Moreover, this care does not require large energy consumption and special tools. All that is needed is to carry out preventive washing once every 3 months. To do this, you need to set the machine to the longest wash mode with the maximum water temperature. At the same time, the drum of the machine must be empty. You can add a little vinegar, soda, or citric acid to the powder compartment.