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How to become a master of curtain affairs: 5 modern design ideas


Dust accumulating old-fashioned curtains and tulle are in the Soviet past.

The 21st century is in the courtyard, and modern stores have such a wide assortment of curtains that their eyes really diverge.

This material contains the most modern ideas on the design of curtains for different rooms of the house.

1. Magnetic clips

Stylish accessory.

Very many hostesses prefer such a trend as a pre-assembled curtain. Typically, tacking occurs at a height of one-third the length of the entire curtain from the floor.

Magnet for curtains.

In shops of a decor and accessories today it is possible to pick up a magnetic tack for a curtain of any design.

For those who love brilliant.

Rhinestones very often look very advantageous on the curtains. Especially if the whole room is made in a minimalist style (as with shiny elements you should not overdo it).

Scarlet classic with glitter.

The red curtain is a demanding element of the decor, this color is more suitable for large rooms. And pick a grab scarlet is best in tone.

Minimal magnet for curtains.

Fans of minimalism and simplicity, too, will not leave the department of curtain accessories without a purchase.

2. Bow

A good choice for the girl's room and for the romantic ladies.

Bow has long been loved by many who cannot imagine their room without stylish curtains. Pink or lavender curtains with matching bows are perfect for the room of a teenage girl or romantic person.

For lovers of red.

The curtains with bows in the German spirit will help the lovers of red to decorate the kitchen in good rural style.

Twin curtains.

Twin curtains with bows - a trend very fashionable today. Here are just the colors when choosing such a solution should be different, but at the same time harmoniously combined (agree, choose green and red very few people come to mind).

Narrow assembly in the bow.

The curtain narrowly assembled with the help of a bow resembles the skirt of a coquettish ballroom dancer.

Curtain and bow as a set.

An interesting solution for individual tailoring of curtains may be the creation of a bow for from the same curtain fabric.

Set of curtains and bow: indposhiv.

Curtains of glittering organza look great with a bow in the package.

Pin for curtains, decorated with Swarowski rhinestones.

At the same time, you can decorate your bow with a stylish accessory - a special pin for curtains, decorated with Swarowski crystals or more budget rhinestones.

3. Lambrequin

Classic contrast lambrequin.

Lambrequin is a horizontal decorative drapery located in the upper part of the curtain composition, opening a window or door in the form of a short decorative element in the entire width of the eaves. Often can have additional decorative elements in the form of brushes, flounces, rhythmically located cuts, etc.

Combined lambrequin with elements of non-textile decor.

It seems the pelmet is not going to go out of fashion in the next hundred years.

A compliment to lovers of scarlet tones.

The editors did not forget about the lovers of red in this part of the material either.


Wavy lambrequin.

Such lambrequins resemble sham waves in theaters in the Middle Ages.

Multistage pelmet.

Multistage lambrequin is one of the most popular varieties of this decor.

4. Curtain to the floor

Blind for romantic natures.

If our parents and grandmothers often preferred that the curtains for 10-30 centimeters did not reach the floor, then the modern trend is, of course, a curtain on the floor. In the photo - a curtain in the room of a romantic girl. Such a spring print visually enlarges the small room.

Children's room with a curtain to the floor.

In this photo you can see a children's room with a curtain on the floor. Interestingly, the purple tones do not make the room smaller.

"Air" curtain.

A curtain with gold elements at the bottom makes the living room more "airy", visually enlarges the room.

This blind does not clutter the space.

Even for the kitchen it can work great! After all, transparent curtains do not clutter up the space, create a feeling of lightness and freshness.

The room is a teenage girl.

Teens love the boundaries of their world, so the curtain on the floor - something that suits them perfectly.

Very small rhinestones look great on transparent curtains and organza curtains.

A small placer of rhinestones will make the night room in the light of street lamps a semblance of a starry sky.

5. Curtain loop

New fashion trend.

The curtain, the lower part of which rests on the floor, is the youngest trend in the world of curtain design.


Some housewives consider this spirit unhygienic, but no curtain is intended for dusty and uncleanable rooms, is it? And if the room is regularly cleaned and cleaned of all surfaces from dust and dirt, then such a curtain will harmoniously create a special fleur.

Curtain in oriental style.

Oriental-style lovers especially often choose a curtain-flap. It imitates the atmosphere of the eastern tents.

New fashion trend.

Be careful: these curtains incredibly attract cats and cats! Probably, if it is impossible to exclude the admission of pets in a room with a curtain loop, it is recommended to refuse to choose this design at all. Since very soon the bottom of beauty can turn into real rags after someone's sharp little claws.