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Great ways to use dishwashing detergent in the home


Great ways to use dishwashing detergent in the home

Good news: dishwashing liquid, which stands on the sink in every kitchen, can be used not only for washing dishes and pans.

In fact, this tool is incredibly useful in everyday life.

1. Ice soap

Fill the rectangular plastic form with dishwashing liquid. Close and freeze, isolating from other products in the freezer. This ice soap remains frozen for a long time, and the container can be used again for its intended purpose. Now dirty and greasy hands can be washed in a second.

2. Improve manicure

For hands you can make a bath with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. They will become soft, and manicure will be much easier.

3. Toilet cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

Pour a glass of liquid into the toilet, wait 10 minutes and pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet. Chic, shine, beauty.

4. Bath cleaner

Apply dishwashing liquid to the bath for 8 hours and then clean it. The tool will help to remove sebum and stains without effort and without damage to the surface of the bath.

5. Machine Wash Liquid

Machine wash liquid

Mix the product with warm water and washcloth using my car. No worse than special shampoos for cars.

6. Lubrication of door hinges

If the doors are fastened, apply liquid to the hinges, and the doors will stop creaking.

7. Means for washing sponge

Sponge detergent

You can take a liquid for washing sponge, which is used for applying makeup. They will be soft, clean and smell good.

8. Combating fleas on carpets

Add a tablespoon of liquid to a spray bottle filled with water, spray it on the carpet, and fleas that come to the house with a pet will die.

9. Washing excess paint from hair

Remover excess paint from hair

If the hair was unsuccessfully painted, it became too dark, washing my head with dishwashing liquid. Hair will become lighter.

10.Drapping insects from plants in the house

From the spray gun, apply a soap-water solution to the leaves of the plants, and the bugs will not approach them.

11. For ants control

Fight against ants

Spray from the spray liquid dishwashing liquid, diluted with water, on the places of accumulation of ants, and they will die.

12. Protection of hands skin from paint

Before we dye something, we treat the skin of the hands with dishwashing liquid, let it dry, and if the paint gets on the skin, it will be easy to wash it off.

13. Removing stains on clothes

Removing stains on clothes

We rub a little bit of the product into the stain, and then we erase the thing in the usual way.

14. Cleaning the grill from old fat

Pour liquid on the grill, let it stand overnight, and then clean the grill.

15. Against insects in the room

Anti-insect indoors

Apply generously to window and door frames. Insects stick to them and do not fall into the room.

16. For washing paint brushes

Soak the brushes in warm water with the addition of dishwashing liquid for 20 minutes, then wash them.

17. From misting

We rub glasses with a small amount of liquid, and they will not mist over.

18.To wash the engine oil off the track

Wash off engine oil

We take a bucket of hot water and a bottle of dishwashing detergent, wash off the stain of engine oil with a brush.

19. Removing makeup stains

If clothing or other surfaces are spilled, such as the tonal base, it can be easily washed off with hot water and dishwashing liquid.

20. To remove oil from marine animals

Sea animals are often the victims of oil stains on the surface of the seas and oceans, but they can be washed with dishwashing liquid. It will help cleanse the skin or feathers, and save lives!