Useful ideas

14 ideas how to competently use a small area when creating a stylish living room in the "Khrushchev"


Most of us know firsthand about the small dimensions of "Khrushchev".

Limited space and cramped conditions - all this does not at all dispose to the manifestation of creativity about interior design.

However, do not despair. Modern designers have worked on the tiny living rooms, offering their options for finishing these rooms. Perhaps you will like one of them.

1. Minimalism

Living room in minimalism style.

White color is the undisputed leader in the decoration of the living room, and in a complex with a minimal set of simple and concise furniture, they form the ideal design scheme for a small living room for a modern family.

2. Marine motives

Calm living room with elements of marine style.

Blue hues will help bring fresh notes to the interior and create pleasant associations with the summer coolness and sea breeze. Just look at the design of this small living room, in which only a gray sofa and a wall with a TV are made of furniture, and blue curtains and a seascape on the wall have become key accents.

3. Easy cool

Modern interior in cool shades.

The modern interior is quite a multifunctional living room, decorated in cool light shades, in which there was a place for a large sofa, shelves, coffee table and a compact work area. However, even with such a busy furniture, the designers managed to maintain a sense of free space.

4. The border of light and darkness

Contrast living room design.

The interior of this small living room is based on contrasts. Designers diluted the dark trim with a light accent wall. The focus here is a bright yellow sofa that goes well with the furniture and the floor of natural wood shade.

5. Classic setting

Living room in a classic European style.

A small cozy living room decorated in classic European style, in our opinion, is the best option for lovers of elegance and comfort.

6. Comfortable space

Living room, focused on comfort.

Before proceeding to the design of the living room, the editors recommend that you carefully consider the purpose for which this room will be used. Most often, the main function of the living room is to receive guests and a comfortable rest for all family members. The design of this small light room fully meets the above requirements: a large sofa is a soft sofa and armchairs that can accommodate about 5 people, a glass table, a shelf with a large TV and a floor lamp in case you want to read.

7. Loft

Bright living room in loft style.

Cozy and modern living room, in which the main components of the loft style are clearly visible: imitation of brickwork, details made of coarse wood, simple furniture on wheels. Special attention is given to a large wardrobe with mirrors, an elegant chandelier and a bright sofa.

8. Space for recreation

Bright living room with sofas.

The main component of this living room were small sofas, placed against the walls. Thus, the space in the center remained free, which is good in the case of a small room.

9. Female interior

Interior of the women's living room.

The charming interior of the living room, decorated in gray and white colors, with hints of femininity, expressed by a wonderful pink sofa, a floor lamp and cute little knickknacks.

10. Black and white cinema

Living room in black and white.

The combination of black and white is always stylish. The only thing you need to take care of - if we are talking about a small room, the white color should prevail over the black details.

11. Modern interior

Modern living room without reference to style.

If you do not want to be attached to a particular style, act intuitively. Any bright finish and glossy ceiling - a win-win finish options for a small room. Laconic, modern furniture, plus electric fire, original chandelier, bright curtains and everything, the modern living room is ready for use.

12. Ascetic interior

Tiny living room in bright colors.

This tiny living room with white walls and beautiful gray curtains, where the furniture is just an ascetic sofa and nightstand under the TV - a great example of competent use of square meters.

13. Optical illusions

Living room with accent wall.

The secret of this magical interior is in the optical illusion, which was created with the help of an accent wall with a geometric print, and competent multi-level lighting. And of course, the charm of this living room gave a spectacular green sofa.

14. Attention to details

Dynamic living room with bright details.

The classic interior of this bright living room with modern furniture was diluted with bright yellow patches. This space is a perfect example of how tiny details can set the mood for a whole room.