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18 simple tricks for home that truly make life easier


18 simple tricks for home that truly make life easier

Perhaps, with each there was a situation when it was necessary to urgently find a trifle that rolled under the sofa, or arrange a dozen bags of food in the refrigerator.

These 18 brilliant ideas will make life in the house much easier and more convenient.

1. Packing

Quickly pack things.

A few large bags help you quickly pack your wardrobe. Also, this way you can separate things out of season from those that are worn now.

2. Mount tablet

Budget tablet mount.

Do not spend money on a special mount for the tablet. To fix it on the wall, you can use ordinary self-adhesive hooks.

3. Universal key

Key fit.

Need to unscrew the nut, but do you have a suitable key? Take a larger key and adjust it to the size of the nut with one or more coins.

4. Hermetic packaging

Hermetic packaging of products.

The neck of a plastic bottle with a lid can be used for sealed packaging of products stored in plastic bags. Thus, you can significantly extend the life of cereals, pasta, chips, snacks and even bread.

5. Holes in the wall

Drill holes in the wall.

Before you hang a particular item on the wall, copy it. A paper copy will allow you to accurately mark and drill holes in the wall.

6. Cache

Cache for the key.

Glue a small stone to the lid of a small empty medicine bottle to get a reliable cache for storing a spare key to give. The resulting container can be put in a pile of stones at the porch or bury at the house.

7. Autonomous irrigation system

Water bottles for autonomous irrigation.

Bury the water bottles in the flower pots as shown in the picture. Such a trick will provide the plants with moisture for 5-7 days and will allow you not to worry about watering the indoor plants while you are away.

8. Sandbox

Sandbox in the tent.

Equip a children's sandbox in a tent. This trick will allow the child to acquire a secluded place to play and protect the delicate baby skin from the scorching sun.

9. Search for small parts

Find the lost earring.

Put the nylon stocking on the tube of the vacuum cleaner to find the lost earring or any other small detail.

10. Christmas tree packaging

Cleaning the Christmas tree.

Life hacking for the laziest: after the New Year holidays, wrap the artificial Christmas tree in a film, without removing the toys, and store it in the garage, on the balcony or in the storeroom until the next celebration.

11. Hangers

Hangers from chairs.

Unnecessary folding chairs can be screwed to the wall and used for storing clothes, shoes and other trifles.

12. The hammered nail

Safely hammer a nail.

Fix the nail between the teeth of the usual plastic comb, so as not to accidentally injure your fingers, hammering it into the wall.

13. Alternative matches

Spaghetti instead of matches.

Dry spaghetti burn much longer and no worse than matches. Use them if you need to light a fire in the oven, a candle, or a fire.

14. Ergonomic storage

Food storage.

Products in plastic bags can be attached to the lattice shelves of the refrigerator using binders. This trick will prevent confusion and significantly save space in the refrigerator.

15. Storage T-shirts

Storage T-shirts on a hanger.

Use the curtain rings in the bathroom to place all the T-shirts on the same hanger. This trick will unload the whole shelf in the closet.

16. Laptop Stand

Budget stand for a laptop.

Cardboard tray for eggs can be used as a stand for a laptop. Such a budget idea will protect the device from overheating and will save you money.

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17. Cooling drinks

Fast cooling drinks.

Wrap a bottle of wine with several wet wipes and refrigerate for 15–20 minutes. This trick will allow you to quickly cool the drink to the arrival of guests.

18. Fixing the ends

The ends of the tape and adhesive tape.

To never lose the tip of an adhesive tape or tape, mark it with a clip.

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