Useful ideas

15 useful ideas for those who want to intelligently use the attic of their home


Most of us are used to the fact that the attic (or the attic, as it is called in some areas) is used as a room where old things or furniture are sent to gather dust for an indefinite period of time.

But if you approach the issue with the mind, then you can really use the space. Ideas from our material necessarily push for action.

1. Cozy living room

Small cozy living room.

Even a small attic is an ideal place to build a cozy living room. Bright furnishings, a large semicircular sofa, a TV, a stylish round table will help to create comfortable conditions for relaxation in this non-standard space.

2. bathroom

Luxurious bathroom.

If your house has a sewage system, then the attic space will be the best place to build a bathroom. Due to the small square and high floors in this room is always warmer than in other rooms, which means you will be comfortable taking a bath there even if the water temperature is low enough. Walls and floors are best tiled with ceramic tiles, the ceiling can be made of wood or plastic. In one of the walls place a large bath, in the corner of the toilet, if you have enough space you can hang the sink.

3. Library

Home library in the attic.

Sunny attic, in our opinion, is a great place to build a small home library. For arrangement of the cozy place for reading it will not be required big expenses. It is enough to build a large wooden rack, get a couple of chairs and all the cozy reading space is ready.

4. Billiard room

Own billiard room in the attic.

Of course, the billiard table and equipment costs a lot of money, but if you are ready to spend money on your hobby, then the attic is ideal for creating your own mini-club. On both sides of the table, put soft sofas. Also do not forget to take care of the lighting. Do not doubt your friends will appreciate your idea, and your billiard room will become your favorite meeting place.

Space for rest and entertainment.

Comfortable seating area with two bright bean bags, a sofa by the window and a TV set, equipped in the attic of the house. You can connect the set-top box to the TV, then the attic will turn into a game room. Also, this place can be used for cozy gatherings in a narrow circle and family watching your favorite movies.

Note: non-residential attics of old rural houses served as a “warehouse” for storing feed, hay and straw. These rooms were open in the eaves, which ensured proper ventilation. The temperature in this room corresponded to the outside, but in winter the air layer between the lids and residential floors, as well as the straw that was stored in the attic, protected the house from the cold.

6. Workshop

Workshop, equipped in the attic.

If you like tinkering or often repair various things, turn the attic into a workshop. Some of the most simple tables, self-made storage systems, machines and tools will help create a comfortable working environment and unload the garage, which for many men is also a workshop.

7. Sports hall

Gymnasium in the attic.

Having placed in the attic, a minimum set of sports equipment, you can turn the attic into a personal gym. Another interesting idea is the construction of a climbing wall. To do this, the inside of the roof slopes must be sheathed with special panels and attach the hooks.

8. Cabinet


Want to find a place where you can isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle, use the attic. This room with a non-standard sloping ceiling is ideal for arranging the working area. Well, in order to always be on a wave of inspiration, choose rich colors for decoration.

9. Home theater

Home cinema in the attic.

A fluffy carpet, a soft sofa that unfolds, a large TV or a vice-rector, a stereo system - and now your attic has already become a cozy family movie theater. For finishing such a space, neutral light colors or a brick of a warm shade are best suited.

10. Dressing room

Elegant dressing room in the attic.

This magnificent dressing room with original shiny finish, a long bar for clothes, low shelves for shoes and a silver ottoman in the center is a great example of using an attic room in a modern country house.

11. Bedroom

Cozy bedroom.

Of course, the bedroom is the first thing that comes to mind after cleaning the attic. And this is a really good idea, because this is a non-standard, small room just created for silence and solitude. Neutral shades and wooden wall cladding will help to emphasize the atmosphere of comfort. Install one or two beds near the walls, add the appropriate decor and lighting.

12. Children

Children's or play room in the attic.

Children and younger students always pulls into the attic. This room has a special magnetism and mystery in their eyes. Therefore, refitting the attic into the playing area is definitely a good idea. On large shelves, you can place absolutely all toys, create thematic areas: kitchen, workshop, doll house and so on, place children's books and even set up a tent.

13. Recording studio

Recording studio in the attic.

The attic space though is part of the house, but is in some isolation. This is what makes the attic the best place to build a small recording studio.

14. Area of ​​interest

Relaxation area.

Those who could not decide on the possible purpose of the attic should be abstracted from specifics. Create a bright finish, pick up a pair of modern chairs, set table football, hockey or a table for chess, a synthesizer, a stereo system and other things that inspire you and enjoy a space in which you can simply enjoy life.

15. Bright design

Bright space to relax.

Another variation of the living room in the attic, different from the previous bright unusual design. Pay attention to the walls of this room: one of them has an original painting, the other is covered with newspapers. Bright designer sofa and chairs bags emphasize the modernity of this space.