Useful ideas

12 little tricks and home improvement tips to use


So, you are ready to make some improvements at home, but do not know where to start? Be calm because we have some great tips.

If you sell your house or want to decorate it and create a warm atmosphere for your family, feel free to take note of this list of ideas on home improvement, most of which can be done independently, without the help of experts.

1. Safety first

Remember safety.

Diligently taking on any project, you can easily forget about elementary security. Sometimes you can try to make redevelopment, knock out the walls, thereby increasing the space, but at the same time completely forgetting about their own safety. Therefore, regardless of your actions, always choose the appropriate means of protection, whether it be glasses, gloves, foot protection, or something else.

2. Buy a good ladder and be careful

Choose a reliable stepladder.

According to statistics, every year 300 people die from falling from the stairs and almost 165 thousand find themselves in the emergency room. Therefore, in order to avoid various injuries, buy a solid and reliable stepladder, as well as follow all the necessary safety rules. Believe me, such an acquisition will not only facilitate repairs, but also life.

3. Placement of paintings

Abstract picture.

Hanging a picture in the house is one of the most unpleasant tasks when decorating a home. Just imagine driving a nail, but it turned out that it was not there ... In the modern world there are many ingenious ways and tools that can help you solve this problem in a matter of seconds. All you need is a little blue masking tape. Stretch the tape from one edge of the wall to another / presumably where the picture should hang /, fasten both ends with the buttons and, having placed the picture behind the loop, look from the side how it looks. And if everything suits you, boldly make a hole in the place you like.

Remove measurements.

In order to avoid various kind of tricky situations, adhere to the saying "measure seven times, cut once." Be careful and not in a hurry. It is better to do it once qualitatively, than to redo a hundred times, wasting time.

5. Invest in improved energy savings.

Energy saving light bulbs.

It's no secret that electricity is expensive. She can easily suck money from your wallet. And to avoid a similar fate, it is worth reviewing some of the nuances. For example, replace conventional bulbs with LEDs or LED. Such a seemingly insignificant trifle can significantly reduce your costs.

6. Get some quality tools.

Do not save on the tool.

Never save money on good, high-quality tools that will serve you faithfully for more than a dozen years. After all, the availability of a quality tool will facilitate the task set before you, speed up the work and make it better.

Note: If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a quality tool, then hire it.

7. Detergents with their own hands

Folk recipes of detergents.

Tired of the annoying smells of classic detergents that are sold in stores, but at the same time you want your home to shine with cleanliness and freshness? Then make a couple of cleaning products yourself. The Internet is full of various and safe recipes, thanks to which your abode will always be in proper form.

Tip: specialty stores have many different odorless products that are ideal for cleaning residential premises.

8. Reduce the power of the hot water heater.

We use a rational water heater.

Often, in most cases, water heaters are set at 80 degrees Celsius, which significantly affects the consumption of electricity. In order to avoid overruns in kW, reduce the temperature to 60 degrees in a warm period of time. And if there is an opportunity, then completely abandon the use of a water heater in the spring and summer.

9. Update your hardware

Furniture fittings.

Decided to upgrade kitchen cabinets or interior doors, but do not have enough money? No problem. There is a quick way to give a more aesthetic look to the doors by replacing the handles with them. This little trick helps transform furniture in seconds.

10. Replace mixers

Replacing the mixer.

Depending on the age of your faucets, you may need to replace them. Regardless of whether the hard water has damaged them, or whether they no longer look cosmetically attractive, it is easy to replace the mixer, and it is also quite inexpensive.

11. Shower Timer

Use the shower timer or smart shower dispenser.

Love to splash around in the shower for about half an hour, or even more, or you have children who, having attacked the bathroom, do not want to leave it in any way, boldly set a shower timer. A small and reliable gadget just will not let you down, thereby saving rash water consumption.

Tip: You can also use a smart shower with water dispenser. Truly an indispensable thing when you do not know the measure.

12. Painting the interior

Painting by airless spray.

Painting the interior is not a small feat, but if your house has an outdated finish, giving it a modern and updated look will certainly improve its quality. Unfortunately, this will require tremendous patience and not one hour of time. If you approach this wisely, using modern materials, you can achieve amazing results by meeting all expectations.