Useful ideas

15 brilliant ideas how to transform any interior with decorative pillows


Pillows - a universal decor and a long time familiar look of decor.

It may seem unusual to decorate your house with their help is unreal.

But interior designers have invented many spectacular ways to use pillows. Share the best of them.

1. The wealth of textures to revitalize the interior

Fur cushions in the living room.

If the situation looks monotonous, then it will effectively revive it with decorative pillows with textured covers. Fur, knitted fabric, velvet ... There are a lot of options, and nothing prevents to use all these materials for covers at the same time.

Pillows with different textures in the interior.

2. Multifunctional upholstered furniture

Furniture from pillows.

Such upholstered furniture can serve both as a bed and a place to sit. It can easily fit even a large company.

3. Effective decorative composition

Cozy home decor.

Pillows do not necessarily have on the couch. They may well become part of the decorative composition on the shelf or fill an old suitcase.

4. To add interior depth

Pillows to match the interior.

Pillows that blend in with the interior color make it soft but deep. To achieve this effect, choose a few close shades.

5. For a cozy window sill

Unusual window sill-bench.

Arrange on a wide windowsill full seat is unlikely to succeed. But a few pillows will make it as comfortable as possible.

6. Festive decor

Christmas pillows.

Replaceable pillow covers with themed decoration - a great decor for the holiday. Such decoration looks outside the box and will not go unnoticed.

7. Textile headboard for sound sleep

Pillows for bedroom decoration.

Several pillows, hanging on the wall and acting as a decorative headboard, can transform the interior of the bedroom. Next to the bed, they look familiar, but at the same time non-standard.

8. Soft pyramid

An example of the use of pillows of different sizes.

A pyramid of pillows of various sizes is an interesting option for storing this type of decor, which will allow you to look at it in a new way.

9. More than two

Many pillows on the bed of the same size.

Two pillows of the same size on the bed - the standard version of the functional arrangement of the bed. But it is necessary to increase the number of pillows, and they become the decor.

10. Pillows on the shelf

Pillows can harmoniously look on the wall.

The problem of registration of open shelves is always relevant. So why not try decorating them with pillows?

Decorative composition with pillows.

11. Instead of chairs

Seat cushions on the floor.

If the apartment does not have enough space, the pillows will be able to replace the usual furniture. At any time they can be removed.

12. If the chair is not stylish enough or comfortable.

Comfortable pillow on the chair.

A flat pillow on a chair is useful if it cannot be called a successful furniture model. The cushion will make sitting on a stud more comfortable and revitalize its design.

13. For the decor of the chair

Pillows decorating the chair.

Most seats are soft enough to be comfortable. But the brightness of many of them is not enough. Throw pillows will help to solve this problem.

14. To replace the coffee table

Pillow in the interior of the living room.

It’s impossible to put a cup on such a table from a big pillow, but to put the magazines is fine. But no one forbids using a tray to put on it, and then on the pillow-table, favorite drinks or dishes.

15. Custom shape instead of bright color.

Pillows in the shape of cats.

If you do not want to think long about the colors of the pillows, then focus on their shape. For example, animal-shaped pillows are guaranteed to attract attention.