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17 excellent ideas that will help get the most out of close Khrushchev


17 excellent ideas that will help get the most out of close Khrushchev

Many Russians live for years in tiny, uncomfortable apartments and do not even realize that comfort is very close.

To achieve convenience in everyday life, you need quite a bit.

Further in our review - the best original ideas that will help increase the possibilities of a small living space.

1. Niche in the bathroom

A small niche in the bathroom.

A small niche above the bathroom is a great alternative to standard shelves, which does not take up space at all. You can put gels, shampoos, creams and other little things in ours, without which the bath is not a bath.

2. Custom kitchen

Custom kitchen layout.

In our opinion, one of the most acute problems of Khrushchev is a tiny kitchen. Owners of a cramped kitchen have to be truly inventive. You can change the focus and place the kitchen set in an unusual way. For example, the space at the window usually remains empty, but this does not mean at all that it is impossible otherwise. Make this place functional by using it under the L-shaped kitchen set, flowing into the bar.

3. Bookshelves

Bookshelves under the ceiling.

It is not necessary to spend valuable square meters on bulky bookcases. Instead, secure the bookshelf to the ceiling. Of course, it is more difficult to clean them of dust, but the vacant space can be used for other necessary things.

4. Shelving in the toilet

Rack for toilet cistern.

Even if your toilet is tiny, there is a place for a small shelving. To find it, look at the wall behind the toilet. Equip a niche there and fill it with the necessary household accessories.

5. Cabinet for conservation

Built-in closet for conservation.

Who said that conservation must be kept in a dark pantry. For these purposes, you can equip a nice built-in cabinet with a glass door.

6. Place for washing machine

Place for a washing machine.

Modern man can not do without a washing machine, but sometimes the issue of its placement becomes a real problem. In the tiny Khrushchev washing machine can be seen in the hallway, kitchen, pantry or on the balcony. Such ideas are, of course, original, but far from the most practical. It is better to think and be able to fit the machine into the bathroom. It can be placed under a hanging sink or hidden in one of the cabinets.

7. Functional door

Functional door lockers.

If you want to unload your kitchen cabinets a bit, make their doors functional. A few rails bolted to them will allow the lids to be kept separate from the pots.

8. The space under the bathroom

Cabinets under the bathroom.

In our opinion, leaving empty at least one square meter of a small apartment is a real crime. The space under the bathroom is no exception. Choose a functional screen with lockers where you can store household chemicals and personal care products.

9. Built-in sockets

Hidden sockets.

Built-in sockets and extension cords are the ideal solution for those who have not managed to correctly plan the placement of electrical appliances in their kitchens on time. Modern devices do not attract attention at all and absolutely do not occupy space.

10. Cunning systems

Sly hidden systems.

Suppose you have no space at all, but for sure there is a bed and a floor. So why not use these places for storage systems. For example, under the bed can fit several roll-out lockers, and in the floor there is a place for several built-in.

11. Headboard

Boxes in the headboard.

Come wisely to bed selection. Her back can be an excellent container for bedding or clothing.

12. Shelf

Shelf over the microwave.

Cheap plastic shelf installed above the microwave will help to unload the work surface and get a place to store the necessary things.

13. Rails

Rails in the kitchen.

Even in the most modest kitchen there is a place for two or three rails. Use them for storing cutlery, cups, pans, pots and any other things that can be hung.

14. Additional sections

Additional containers in the cabinet.

Use the simplest plastic containers from the hardware store to clean up and increase the capacity of the cabinet in the bathroom or kitchen.

15. Turning stand

Rotating stand.

The rotating stand (Lazy Susan) is a brilliant invention that can increase the life of a regular locker. The rotating mechanism allows you to easily get to the right thing without digging up the rest.

16. The inner part of the door

Hooks on the pantry door.

Any door can be made functional. It is enough to fasten a few hooks on its inside. On hooks, you can store an ironing board, mop and small household containers.

17. Cells

The cells in the lockers.

Divide the drawer into cells and use each one to store a specific group of things. Thus it is very convenient to store vegetables, fruits, cereals, any other items.

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