Useful ideas

12 simple techniques for the design of the bedroom, which will help to update the room over the weekend


There is no need to invest in the repair of thousands and thousands.

Renovating a bedroom can be much easier and cheaper. Some good ideas that are easy to implement can be implemented in just a day or two.

But the effect of them will be simply amazing: the interior and the whole view of the room will literally transform. Want more comfort or creativity, relaxing or refreshing atmosphere? Everything is real.

1. Mix and experiment

To highlight any zone, add patterned textiles.

Points, monograms or stripes - everything will look interesting. If you combine different patterns, it will be original, but then they should be combined in color. We choose one primary color and use its shades or several low-key harmonizing tones. The main thing is not to forget the important rule: if you mix patterns, you need to combine a dense and small print with a larger font. Come to the aid of a new blanket, bed linen or paintings.

2. Custom Furniture

Unusual, but practical.

Why not turn the bar trolley or trolley from the hotel into a large nightstand? And it looks unusual, and does not take up much space, even the interior does not weigh down due to the open shelves. And on the capacity can not complain: fit everything you need. From above you can put a vase with flowers and a few trinkets, a carafe of water. On the middle shelf, what should always be at hand, and fold down bedding at the bottom or put a wicker basket for more voluminous things.

3. Luxurious mirror

One mirror can dramatically change the room.

Mirrors in the interior not only reflect the light and make the room more spacious, but also play a significant role in its presentation. For example, a metal frame can add a sense of luxury and unreality of the atmosphere. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the mirror with a massive frame is combined with all other things and bedroom items.

4. Art works wonders

Artwork in the form of a decor.

Really nice to transform the dresser zone will help a huge modern picture that needs to be hung right behind it. If there is a table lamp on the dresser, the effect will be even more expressive due to the highlights of the playing light.

5. Rearrangement

Banal, but effective advice.

There are well-established rules on how to put a bed, wardrobe, bedside tables and even a chest of drawers. But who said that these rules can not be broken? Down with the prejudices, change all the places and will enjoy unusual changes in space. In the end, if you do not like and do not take root, you can always return everything to its former places.

6. More color

All the most important is in the details.

Love your neutral room, but want to liven it up a bit? You can buy a new duvet or a colorful blanket, throw a pillow with a pattern or a creative print on top, or even draw a bright accent wall to make the interior more intriguing and individual.

7. Add romance

Simple, harmonious and unusual. What you need for a bedroom.

Nothing transforms the bedroom as soft and airy hoodie over the bed. With it, you can quickly change all the space and add a little enchanting romance to your daily life. Although, if the hoodie is made of a denser fabric with an interesting pattern, the interior can be made glamorous or even bohemian. All to your taste.

8. Reading Corner

The new book is also able to make changes to the interior.

A bedroom can turn into something else if you add a cozy spot to it. All you need is a cozy chair or chair, a standing lamp and a new book. You can also add a blanket, it also does not hurt. Now even gloomy because of the weather outside the evening will become more pleasant and warm.

9. New hardware

Updating old things will work with a bang, if you add a little creative.

Replace the old drawer handles, and the interior will change with them. Choose unusual options, creative handles with large stones or rhinestones, the effect of antiquity or unusual color - such a trick with minimal effort gives a special personality and style of homely or inexpensive furniture.

10. Go to the floor

A rug under your feet in the bedroom has not prevented anyone.

Adding a proportional rug visually makes the room larger. Be sure to choose one that is large enough so that it can be put under the bed and at least one more piece of furniture. So he will expand the space and present it in a completely new light.

11. Let the room come to life

We add air and utility to the bedroom.

Houseplants generate oxygen and help filter the air. And they are very beautiful and original look in any interior. If you do not like to care for plants, start with a beauty that is not particularly fussy about living conditions.

12. Unexpected decision

A bench in the bedroom will create an interesting effect.

Nothing can transform a bedroom faster than a bench at the end of a bed. For example, the design of bamboo and seaweed will look very distinctive, providing storage space, extra seating and a natural texture of space. A good elegant sofa will create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.