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What mistakes we make with household chemicals and cosmetics


In our life there is always a place for mistakes and delusions.

When purchasing household chemicals and cosmetics, we sometimes use them in such a way that they make our life easier and more difficult.

If the winter down jacket is periodically covered with white bloom, as if a chalk cave has been visited, and the hair after washing with shampoo does not look freshly washed, this material will be very useful for familiarization.

1. Dark down jackets and other pronounced colored clothing should be washed with liquid laundry detergent.

No, chalk is not to blame.

What do you think happened to this jacket? Was her master drunk and long propped up on a wall covered in whitewash? Not at all. She just washed the standard powder detergent for washing clothes. And the powder in the washing machine compartment was poured "more so that it was better washed off! So my grandmother does, because there were no powders before, but now there are plenty of them!"

Oh my God! My washing machine got my jeans dirty!

A master of sewing and mending clothes from Belarus shares his experience: “Clients often come to me (mostly men), who wonder why chaotic white stains appear on their dark coats or pants after washing in a washing machine. that it’s just unwashed dry laundry detergent. " Do not forget that the washing machine is a robot. She does not see the product and does not make the decision herself. It only performs a series of sequential automated operations. Therefore, very often dry laundry detergent is not rinsed out, especially under express modes.

ANY liquid laundry detergent FOREVER solves the problem of white stains on colored clothes after washing.

Shampoo need enough, but not much.

If after washing your hair looks greasy or stuck together, inspect yourself: how much shampoo do you put on your palm before washing your hair? In no case should you pour a whole handful of shampoo: even if you rinse it off with water after foaming for half an hour, your hair will still look sticky after drying and very soon become greasy or even greasy. Experienced stylists altogether insist that it is better to dilute the opaque shampoo with water in the palm of your hand and apply it on your hair in several steps.

3. Tonic for the face or micellar water is NOT a single-phase cleanser for the skin

Facial skin should be treated only in a complex.

Periodically an unknown pest lets out a dangerous rumor that in order for the skin of the face to look bleak and there are no wrinkles at all, in no case should you wash yourself with water, but you should only use face tonic. The editors have a question: how to take a shower? Probably avoiding water on the face! Unpleasant thing will be, let's face it.

One tonic for skin care is not enough!

If you use only tonic for the daily cleaning of the face, the soon appearance of acne is the best thing that can happen. So far there is no better means for cleaning skin pores than water. A comprehensive facial skin care should contain the following stages:

1. Washing with water using a foam or gel for washing, suitable for skin type.
2. Applying tonic.
3. Applying day cream for the face (or baby cream, if you prefer it).

If you do not moisturize the skin after washing, age-related wrinkles will appear earlier. A tonic is an ideal means of preparing the skin for applying the cream after washing with water. The name itself means that it tones the skin.

4. Itching in the intimate area can cause wet wipes or "withdrawal syndrome" after using intimate hygiene gels.

Itching in the intimate area is a serious problem.

Every woman who has experienced the problem of itching and burning in the intimate area knows that this is a real hell. With such a problem, nothing literally can lift one's mood. But not many realize that itching in the intimate area can cause a trivial habit after using the toilet to use not dry toilet paper, but factory-made wet wipes. Even if the packaging means that they are "for intimate hygiene." The habit of using any wet wipes after visiting the toilet should be abandoned once and for all. Gynecologists are sounding the alarm: it is very harmful!

The use of intimate gel is debatable.

The second reason for the occurrence of itching in the intimate area, which even fewer women know about, is the change of the intimate hygiene gel or the rejection of its use after a while. Such agents, as a rule, contain active active substances, to which addiction is developed in mucous membranes.

After not using or changing the gel, itching may occur as part of the "withdrawal syndrome". Gynecologists have long talk about the controversial use of these funds. And since it is impossible to wash this delicate area with a soap in any case, the optimal solution is to save money by refusing to purchase additional funds in the form of an intima-gel, and simply wash the whole body equally with shower gel and scouring pads.

5. From the carcass with expired expiration date, you need to run like a fire!

Using old mascara is very dangerous!

Sometimes women turn to dermatologists and oculists to find the mysterious and inexplicable reason that, like sand, was poured into the eyes by evening. And this is the lesser of evils, if in the evening: some ladies suffer from a slight itch in the eyes all day. But if he does not pass after evening makeup removal? Using old mascara can cause very serious allergic reactions and eye inflammation.

Audit of ladies cosmetics.

And this tablet shows how much a self-respecting lady should keep this or that popular makeup product in her cosmetic bag. Do not save on your health! It is better to throw a potential cause into the bin, than to treat unpleasant and even dangerous consequences.

6. Avoid spontaneous purchases.

For the sake of IT, marketers work day and night!

Many of us suffer from shopaholia. If your toilet shelf has long been ideally suited for your skin, moisturizing and nourishing it one hundred percent without the effect of fat, then you should not buy some new product for luck, because “you really liked the jar” or “was put up for penny on the stock. " With a very high probability this will be money thrown to the wind. Stay committed to your proven care products.

7. Tonal cream should perfectly match the tone of your skin.

Red carpet after the samples for the film version of the Simpsons?

We do not know what made this American celebrity go on the red carpet with such a foundation on his face. Who knows, perhaps, the girl took secret tests in the future film version of the animated series "The Simpsons"? Do not repeat her mistakes. Any self-respecting shop selling decorative cosmetics has a special stand with mirrors and testers of all the presented creams. You can freely put a little cream on the palm or, if desired, on the face and look at the result in the mirror.

8. The foundation is applied only to the moisturizer!

Someone applied a tonalian to VERY dry skin ...

Raise the hands of those who like the makeup of this lady in the photo ... If your concealer from a well-known brand falls on your skin like plaster, then it is highly likely that you are simply used for some reason to apply concealer to your skin immediately after washing with water. This is a huge mistake. The foundation is applied only after applying a moisturizing day cream. Better yet, do not apply it with fingertips, but with a cotton sponge.

9. The composition of the read is necessary!

You can not neglect the reading of the composition of the care product.

For example, if you are not lucky to have dry skin, then you better get products that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides. These ingredients retain moisture and improve skin texture. Ceramides also help restore the protective barrier. If you have a combination (greasy in the T-zone, but dry on the cheeks) or oily skin, then you will approach light fluids and gel-creams, water-based. They will not clog and so overly congested skin pores. And if you have acne, then you should not buy creams that contain oils and petroleum jelly - they can aggravate the problem. If you have acne problem, you need to look for products with salicylic acid and adapalene.

10. Nourishing foot creams are best used before bedtime, wearing socks

The best time to moisturize the skin of the feet is night.

You should not be offended by nourishing foot creams, if you apply them in the morning, and then state that there is no effect. Ideal for applying these creams - before bedtime. Apply the cream on the skin of the feet after a shower, then put on soft socks and go into the arms of Morpheus.

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