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How to create a dressing room in a small apartment, almost without sacrificing square meters


As men cannot do without a car and a TV, so girls cannot imagine their life without a variety of clothes and shoes. Alas, not all the fair sex can afford to put in a small apartment a huge closet for easy storage. But in almost every house there is a storage room, where the owners keep different equipment.

If you strongly want, she can find another use. For example, re-equip a room in the dressing room, where you can easily arrange clothes and shoes. You do not have to spend a lot of money, time and effort. How to do it?

Creating a dressing room in an apartment solves several important questions at once: no need to spend money on a new large closet, clothes, shoes and accessories will have a certain order, and the bedroom will make room for a new piece of furniture. If you do not want to occupy the closet or you simply do not have it, you can divide the available space into functional zones. Place under the wardrobe takes only 2 sq.m.

Dressing room takes up very little space in the room.

Dressing room is created for the proper distribution of seasonal and everyday things. Its main advantage is not only in functionality, but also in the fact that you can make such a room yourself, without turning to a professional designer.

What requirements should meet the dressing room?

Before arranging the room, think about how much space it will occupy. From the allocated space will depend on its final characteristics.

Try to follow a few recommendations:

The most favorable place for a dressing room is the corner. This advice is especially relevant if you live in a small apartment. Thus, you can save space in the room. In addition, if a place to store things will be located in the middle of the room, you will be uncomfortable to use it.

The corner is an ideal place for a dressing room.

Wardrobe should be thought out, in terms of the location of shelves and other functional elements. You should be comfortable in it to turn around, hang clothes.

Space and comfort are the main criteria for a dressing room.

One of the first to solve the problem of ventilation. The room should always be dry, as moisture adversely affects the safety of things.

Consider the ventilation system in advance.

Hang in the dressing room mirror - it will help reduce the time to find suitable clothes for work, study or walk. In addition, with the help of this item you can significantly save time - you do not have to run into the bedroom to see how the chosen skirt and blouse are combined with each other. Also, the room must be left free space for changing.

Choose a large wall or floor mirror.

If the dressing room turns out to be very small, use the principles of open space. First of all, give up the doors - saving space is the rational use of space, so everything in the room should be compact and comfortable for you. Your day will begin here, the mood will be formed, so make sure that the dressing room is bright and cozy.

Lack of doors will make the dressing room more light and spacious.

The drawers and shelves should be roomy so that you can place all the things without sacrificing free space.

Divide the boxes into several compartments for convenient placement of things.

Stages of arrangement

Do not rush to immediately carry a mountain of clothes in the pantry. First, check its condition, free from rubbish, do the cleaning. Look around: maybe the room needs redecoration - whitewashing the ceiling, painting the walls. Also note the strength of the walls. This question is especially relevant if your apartment is located in an old house.

To get started, spend in the pantry cosmetic repairs and place the desired furniture.

Think in advance how much money you can spend on decorating a dressing room, and only then pick up building materials. In order not to buy anything superfluous or, on the contrary, not to go to the store again, before repairing it is necessary to make measurements of the storage space for clothes and shoes. After making purchases, you can begin to design the room. Observe the following steps:

  • Since construction work can only be carried out in an empty room, free the storage room from the things that are there.
  • If the appearance of the walls leaves much to be desired, align them. Dressing should look beautiful and aesthetic.
  • The floor must also be leveled and covered with linoleum or another suitable floor covering. If the area of ​​the dressing room is 3-4 m2, you can easily change clothes there and put yourself in order. Therefore, the floor surface plays an important role.
  • Do not forget the ceiling. In fact, there is no significant difference in the fact that it will be - painting or hinged construction. When choosing, be guided solely by your taste, wishes and the overall interior of the room.
  • Install complete pieces of furniture that do not require assembly.
  • When equipping a dressing room you need to pay close attention to tools and consumables, on which the strength of shelves and other structures depends. Do not forget that many things will be stored in this room, therefore all components of the dressing room should be strong and reliable.

    Storage layout

    There are several storage options:

    If the apartment is small, the dressing room can be arranged as a standard wardrobe, only with open shelves. Such an approach will not require large financial investments: it will be possible to equip a room with the help of movable structures or self-made shelves.

    Wardrobe-closet will look good in the bedroom.

    If your home has a full large storage room, then the dressing room can be arranged as a separate room for storing casual clothes and shoes. All you need to do is to organize things in order to achieve maximum convenience. Also in the room need light, so during the repair, think about conducting the wiring. To make the room more comfortable, equip it with mirrors, paintings, small shelves for photos. The main thing is that each element carries a functional load. In the dressing room there is no place for useless things.

    Provide in the closet shelves, drawers, hooks for accessories.

    Internal organization

    Remember that in the dressing room should be a maximum of free space. At the same time, all the necessary details are required to be located conveniently. To the room was rationally decorated, listen to these tips:

    • Shoes must be placed on the lower shelves.
    • Top shelves are designed for seasonal items, so you should get to them without any problems.
    • Dress hangers should occupy the middle of the dressing room.
    • Side shelves are designed for casual wear that you often wear.
    • For hats, gloves and other accessories should be a separate box.

    Things in the dressing room should always lie in their places.

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