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Kitchen design wallpaper: photos and ideas for a modern interior


Kitchen design wallpaper: photos and ideas for a modern interior

The kitchen is the main part of the house, all family members gather here and spend a considerable part of their free time, therefore wallpapers play an important role in the interior of the kitchen.

Their choice is very large, modern wallpaper for the kitchen is made of moisture-resistant material and will suit any style of the room.

Types of wallpaper for the kitchen: material features

3D wallpaper for the kitchen will help to visually change the indoor space, hide the defects of the walls and bring realism to the interior. They are moisture resistant, fireproof, resistant to washing. For the design of the kitchen the best option is a 3D wallpaper on non-woven base.

Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen gives the walls an unusual look, a piece of wallpaper is easy to replace in a particular area without harm. They hide the unevenness of the walls, they can be washed with a sponge, in addition, they are sound and noise insulation.

Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen resistant to the sun, which is a big plus for the kitchen on the sunny side, moisture-resistant, elastic, they can be cleaned with a damp sponge with detergent, air circulates in them and because of this, the mold does not appear from moisture.

Washable wallpaper for the kitchen on a non-woven base with a vinyl coating is the best choice, you can wipe off the dirt with a kitchen cloth with detergent. They are moisture-resistant and wear-resistant, allow the opportunity to act with a wet sponge up to 15 times.

Paper wallpaper for the kitchen are widely available, environmentally friendly and breathable. Their disadvantages are absorption of odors, fragility and fragility; they should not be washed with a damp sponge, therefore, when designing kitchens with wallpaper made of paper, you should additionally protect the work area, for example, with tiles.

Wallpaper for painting in the kitchen make it possible for the kitchen to look different. This wallpaper is durable, masks the unevenness of the wall and can withstand the change of colors up to 7 times. They are smooth and imitating the texture of wood, plaster, with bas-relief ornaments.

Brick wallpaper in the kitchen is suitable for interior decoration in a loft style; the market offers a large number of color options and masonry sizes. They are durable and breathable, great for decorating an apron.

The choice of wallpaper design for the kitchen

When choosing the color of wallpaper and design, you need to take into account not only your desires, but also the size of the kitchen, its shape, the number of windows and their presence, daylight saturation. Wallpaper for the kitchen with flowers suitable for rooms of any size, but:

  • large flowers are appropriate in the interior of a large kitchen;
  • small flowers increase the area visually and are suitable for medium and small sized kitchens.

Drawing wallpaper for the kitchen is also worth picking up, given the possibilities, for example:

  • vertical ornament or stripes make the kitchen taller;
  • horizontal drawing expands the kitchen and makes it visually lower;
  • geometric intersecting fragments create a sense of infinity of space.

Rules for combining wallpaper in the kitchen

In order for the interior of the kitchen to be individual, it is not necessary to equip it with the latest fashion and technology, it is enough to combine textures and colors, two or more types of wallpaper. The combination of wallpaper in the kitchen - an individual vision of each, but to combine wallpaper in the kitchen is better following the advice of designers:

  • the same thickness of the wallpaper ensures a smooth joint;
  • wallpaper with flowers and floral patterns look good with wallpaper under the tree;
  • abstract elements are combined with a geometric pattern;
  • pastel colors are combined with bright;
  • different in texture wallpaper look advantageous when combined, for example, smooth and rough wallpaper, matte colors and gloss;
  • combined wallpaper for the kitchen should be in the same price category and combined with the overall style of the kitchen.

Tip: For those who trust the masters and do not want to make the wrong choice, there are companion wallpapers from the same collection and from the same company, combining them, the manufacturer guarantees the unity of the two types of wallpaper.

Using a combination of wallpaper, you can make a narrow kitchen wider by making an accent-wall and wallpaper with a horizontal stripe, create an asymmetry effect, decorate one of the walls with photo wallpapers or a 3D photo.

Choosing the color of wallpaper for the kitchen

When choosing the color of the wallpaper, you should listen to your feelings, which causes the color, decide on a shade, look at the samples. The interior of the kitchen with light wallpaper will always look fresh, comfortable and more visually. The interior of the kitchen with dark wallpaper is not suitable for a small square, but it looks no less attractive.

  • White wallpaper in the kitchen is a classic version, it is a universal color and fits any style, but you need to remember that it is the color and choose a thick wallpaper, or use them in addition to other wallpapers.

  • Green wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen helps to calm and relax, this is the opinion of designers and psychologists. The most optimal color for a room in which a lot of time is spent.

  • Gray wallpaper in the kitchen makes the room wider, combined with any colors. Covering the room with gray wallpaper, it will not be boring if the facade of kitchen furniture is bright.

  • Beige wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen will not distract attention from the furniture, it is a classic calm color, creating comfort.

  • Brown wallpaper on the kitchen creates the effect of rigor and stability, it is rarely used for wall decoration, often - cream.

  • Pink wallpaper in the kitchen makes the interior airy and soft, combined with light-colored furniture.

  • Black wallpaper in the kitchen is relevant as an addition to contrasting wallpaper and white furniture.

  • Purple wallpaper in the kitchen is extremely undesirable in dark colors, bright and calm tone is suitable for the kitchen in combination with gold patterns.

  • Yellow wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen arouses the appetite and the desire to communicate, suitable for accenting one wall. When there is an excess of bright yellow, eye strain occurs.

  • Blue wallpaper in the kitchen makes the room wider, reduces appetite, looks restrained and stylish;

  • Orange wallpapers evoke appetite and activity. A warm tone of color is appropriate in the eating area, perfect for decorating the kitchen interior in a country house.
  • Blue wallpaper in the kitchen makes the room wider, associated with the sea. Not suitable for dark and poorly lit rooms.

Designers are not advised to choose wallpaper for the color of the kitchen for those who do not want the furniture to merge with the walls. If the color will be the same, then it is desirable that the wallpaper had accents in the form of patterns, colors, ornaments.

Variants of kitchen design wallpaper (photo in the interior)

Here you can find photos of wallpapers for the kitchen, options for combining them with the design concept and functionality of the room.

Photo 1. The long and narrow room is visually enlarged with beige wallpaper with a pattern, white furniture and a white ceiling. A sofa of pastel color and decorated apron give a highlight to the interior.

Photo 2. Wallpapers in color to the elements of furniture emphasize the unity of style, white color harmonizes well with wallpaper.

Photo 3. Wallpaper with a floral pattern on a muted green background give a feeling of peace, light furniture and similar wallpapers are appropriate for the interior design in country style.

Photo 4. The combination of textures and colors. 3D wallpapers are a bright accent in the interior of the kitchen in a discreet beige color. Wallpapers under the stone complement the image and cause interest.

Photo 5. Even a small room can be fabulous. The delicate color of the wallpaper and the floral print in the corner of the room divide the kitchen into zones.

Photo 6. Brown wallpaper with "animal" print and purple facade of the lower boxes - a great combination in a modern style.

Photo 7. Kitchen interior design in beige colors with an emphasis on dark furniture. Companion wallpapers look harmonious and convey the comfort of the room.

Photo 8. The wallpaper under the tile accentuates the attention and is made in the same color scheme with the kitchen, due to the unusual texture does not merge with the furniture.