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Beautiful storage of spices


In each kitchen over time accumulates a large number of very different bags and jars of spices and seasonings. Usually, some of them are regularly used, randomly moving around the kitchen and getting lost at the right time. The rest lie in distant corners for years, because they were simply forgotten. Today we will look at the most varied options for organizing a beautiful, compact and convenient storage of spices in the kitchen.

Before you choose one of the options, you need to decide the most important question - how will the spices be stored in your kitchen: in an open way (that is, on open shelves, roof rails, stands, etc.) or in a closed way (inside a closed cabinet, drawer etc.). Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages - we will list the most obvious ones.

Open storage


  • Convenient - everything in sight and always at hand.
  • Beautiful - you can wonderfully decorate the kitchen, giving it an additional charm and comfort.
  • Original - you can show imagination and self-expression.


  • It is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort on keeping the seasonings in perfect order, constantly removing dust and grease, otherwise the storage place will look untidy and spoil the whole look of the kitchen.
  • Most likely, it will not be possible to store the spices in the original packaging - you have to pour them into special jars, which also takes time.

Closed storage


  • It takes less time to clean - the spices will not settle as much dirt as in open storage.
  • You can store seasonings in their original packaging, which is quite convenient and economical.
  • The kitchen is guaranteed to look neat, regardless of whether you put things in order on the shelf with spices or not.
  • Simplicity and ease of use, without constant attention to beauty.

The only thing you should pay attention to when ordering is the height at which small sliding drawers will be located (if they are present in the project). Make sure your height allows you to easily look at them. Two of my friends had the same funny situation: both of them have to get up on the stool for this purpose. Only one of her friends drawers out of the box, so she does not have any particular problems with their use. But with another friend, they are firmly set into the base, so she cannot normally use them.

Open shelves also a great solution for storing spices. They delightfully transform the kitchen, if you successfully pick them up to the rest of the interior. The use of shelves gives unlimited space for fantasy: you can find a beautiful ready-made version, and you can make them yourself or beautifully decorate a purchased product.

On sale there are interesting shelves, collages that can give the kitchen a unique comfort and charm.

The main secret of convenient storage of spices on the shelves is that they must be quite shallow - literally one jar. Otherwise, the seasonings will stand in several rows, closing each other. Needless to say, the necessary jar each time will be in the farthest corner, and in order to get it, you will have to “dig up” the entire shelf. And this is a long, inconvenient and instantly creates a mess.

Rails quite often used for open storage of seasonings in the kitchen. They are comfortable and functional, they occupy a minimum of space and can be made in a variety of ways in style and design. In addition to the usual matte or chrome-plated white metal rails, on the modern market there are collections in gold, bronze, brass, black and brown, etc. Thanks to a wide variety of styles and shades, beautiful and comfortable roof rails can be easily selected for any kitchen.

Another popular method is the storage of spices. on stand. A large number of commercially available options makes it easy to choose the optimal product in size, functionality and appearance.

This solution provides another additional advantage - the ability to easily move spices from place to place, which can be very useful from a practical point of view. For example, if you want all seasonings to be on hand during cooking, but you don’t like the idea of ​​open storage because of dust and dirt settling on them, then storage on the stand will be the best option for you: before you start cooking, just put her at the hob, and after - just put in the closet.

Magnetic jars for spices it is a very convenient, functional and quite original way of open storage of seasonings in the kitchen, giving the opportunity to place them on any metal surface.

Another original solution could be the arrangement of seasonings. under wall cabinets. Technically, this is done in 3 ways: magnetic strips for metal containers or lids, metal sheet for magnetic jars or ordinary swivel covers for screwing in jars with seasonings (for example, from baby food) are attached to the bottom surface of the wall-mounted cabinet. It is very important to choose beautiful identical jars so that this original solution does not look cheap and sloppy.

To organize the open storage of spices, you can use some more unusual ideas:

Storage in a special dresserwhich combines the advantages of both open and closed methods.

Storage in test tubes. To prevent the tubes from falling into the holes in the wooden shelf, they are fitted with rubber o-rings. A tube on the stand can be stored as an open method, and closed - inside the cabinet.

Storage in packages on the railing

Closed storage

The easiest way to organize a neat storage of spices. in a small box. Choose a suitable box or box that fits comfortably in the locker and where all the spices will go. To maintain order, store spices vertically so that they occupy a minimum of space. For a more convenient search, write the names of the spices on the lids of the jars. If all spices do not fit in one box, start 2-3 drawers and distribute the seasonings into categories for easier searching. Beautiful and neat boxes of spices can be stored not only inside closed cabinets, but also on open shelves.

Very convenient to store spices. in the drawer kitchen table. If the jars are upright, for a quick search, write the names of the seasonings on the lids. If the jars lie horizontally, use special substrates that will not allow them to roll inside the box.

Narrow sliding regiments in the kitchen set also great for neat and convenient storage of spices. Most often they are located near the hob to provide quick and convenient access to spices, oil and sauces during cooking.

In some models, kitchen sets can be ordered the opening regiments for seasonings under the hinged locker.

Very convenient to store spices. on the inside of the cabinet door. This significantly saves space in the kitchen and provides quick and convenient access to seasonings. You can organize such storage with the help of narrow shelves, as well as magnetic jars or magnetic strips.

Storage in the organizer with transparent pockets on the door inside the cabinet suitable for seasoning in the original bags. The disadvantage of this method is that if you put several different seasonings in one pocket, they will close each other, and you have to spend more time searching.