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Food waste that experienced housewives find useful applications


Food waste that experienced housewives find useful applications

When cooking, there is always a lot of waste. That only is the skin from fruits, vegetables and nutshells.

Usually people throw it all away without regret.

Do not rush, as inedible parts of the food can "work" on the person.

1. Save on cosmetics with pumpkin

Pumpkin face mask - simple and effective.

Pumpkin dishes are very tasty and healthy. The hostesses first remove the middle part along with the seeds, simply by throwing this seemingly unnecessary mass. However, it can be perfectly used as a face mask. Pumpkin just stuffed with vitamins A, C and E, as well as antioxidants. These substances are very good for the skin. To make a mask of pumpkin, you need to mix pumpkin filling with half a teaspoon of honey, with the same amount of milk and a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon. All ingredients should be mixed until a homogeneous mass, then apply it on the face and leave for 10 minutes. After the procedure, you need to wash off the natural mask with running water, and you can admire radiant and fresh skin.

2. Watermelon rinds as an aphrodisiac

Watermelon peel will be useful for an intimate life.

Many people gladly eat ripe juicy flesh of watermelon and then throw away watermelon peels. And in fact, they can contribute to an increase in libido. Scientists at the University of Texas A & M claim that watermelon contains a considerable amount of citrulline. This is a substance that improves blood circulation in parts of the body, including intimate ones. To make love life more intense and vibrant, you can add watermelon rind to the roast, squeeze juice from it for a cocktail. And you can just fry the crusts, such as zucchini. The result is an unusual and very pleasant dish.

Potatoes will cure circles and swelling under the eyes.

Why do you need a potato skin? Some eat it with cooked potatoes, but most throw off the peel after brushing. But it is great for removing dark circles under the eyes. Potatoes contain catecholase, namely, an enzyme capable of lightening human skin. To make an inexpensive cosmetic, you need to take two thin slices of potato peel and put them under your eyes for 10 minutes. During this time, the potato juice will have time to soak into the skin and brighten the dark circles under the eyes. To achieve the best result, it is better to repeat such a procedure at least twice a week. Cheap, efficient and very simple.

4. Banana peel instead of bactericidal plaster

Banana peel will help with bruises and scratches.

For the year on the planet is thrown at least 40 million tons of banana peel. It seems that it can still be done, except for how to send it to the garbage can? It turns out that banana peel contains a lot of potassium, which is known to have healing properties. Therefore, banana skin can be used as dressings for bruises, scratches, and other minor problems. And if you rub the wound skin, it will heal much faster. Caution: do not peel open wounds, as in this case it can be harmful.

5. stale bread instead of a brush

Stale bread can become an eraser.

When bread grows stale, many make crunches out of it. This is a quick and tasty snack, for example, to beer. But stale bread works great as an eraser. If there are irritating stains on the walls, then with the help of bread you can get rid of them very quickly. To make a bread eraser, you need to remove the crust from a slice, and then rub the affected part of the wall with bread. The pollution will disappear like magic.

6. Crusts of grapefruit

You can make a delicious dessert from grated grapefruit crusts.

The peel of grapefruit is very healthy. It contains fiber that helps reduce cholesterol. Just because there is a grapefruit peel is not very interesting, but if you rub it on a fine grater and cover it with sugar, you can get a very tasty dish. You can also make an aromatic and healthy tea from the peel of a grapefruit by adding crusts to the teapot.

7. Peel of onions

Do not rush to throw out the onion peel.

Do not throw onion peel, which can be useful in life. Onion skins contain plant substances that can lower blood pressure, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and even clear arteries. Of course, there’s just no one to eat onion peel, but from it you can make broth or add it to soup or roast. By the way, onion peel is very tasty, just not everyone tried it. Why not make the food more aromatic and at the same time useful?

8. Forgotten olive oil

Olive oil perfectly removes makeup.

It happens that housewives forget that there is a bottle of olive oil in the closet. Maybe she’s just too far back, or her pets don't like her taste very much. So, the expiration date has expired, but do not rush to throw the bottle. Old olive oil can still work. For example, if you put a few drops of oil on a zipped jam, it will work. Olive oil can remove even the most intense makeup. To do this, just put a few drops on a cotton pad and use as a conventional cosmetic to remove mascara, blush, lipstick.

9. Orange peels instead of ant traps

Insects hate oranges.

After cleansing a delicious fragrant orange leaves are crusted. Do not throw them away, because the crust works fine as a natural ant repeller. It contains oils that can cause a real panic in ants. By spreading the orange peel in the garden, you can quickly get rid of small harmful insects. To make a repeller, you need to put the orange peel in a blender and grind with a little water. The resulting mixture should be distributed around the anthills. Insects do not like the smell of orange, perhaps they just do not understand anything in a tasty and healthy food.

10. Peanut shell to save

Peanut shells are suitable for cat tray.

There is a peanut shell does not occur to anyone, and not necessary. It is much better to use it to create an environmentally friendly cat litter. To do this, soak the shells in a small amount of water, add a little soap and baking soda and mix thoroughly. That's all, safe natural cat litter ready.