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11 life hacking, how to place a million things in a small bedroom


Is there no place to put things in your bedroom? Do not panic - we are sure that there is still a lot of free space.

Where to find new places to store old things?

1. Maximum use of cabinet doors

Do the cabinet doors do nothing? Then let's use them wisely. Fasten hooks, hangers or canvas with small pockets to the inside of the door. Here we will place scarves, belts, gloves, small handbags, hats or jewelry.

2. Add the second bar

What is better - more hangers or more shelves? If you like, when the necessary thing can be found in two minutes, and all clothes are neatly hung and never wrinkled, then let there be two bars in your closet. Skirts and jackets will settle at the top, and blouses and folded jeans in half at the bottom.

3. We connect hangers

Hangers are better connected with each other: small hooks, rings or even tongues from tin cans. It turns out that all things will be located on several levels. The only negative is to remove the dress that hangs on the first level, you need to remove the second and third. Do not save time - but significantly save space.

4. Use the height of the room

Notice if you have free space under the ceiling? If you can throw a couple of baskets or drawers on the cabinet, then use this. Put seasonal items in the far corner: winter hats in the summer and swimsuits in the winter. Maybe old memories or nice gifts from old acquaintances will be stored there.

5. We arrange around the room beautiful floor hangers

You can always add a pair of nice hangers to the room, and throw everyday clothes on them.

6. Store bedding correctly

Even a few sets of bed linen take up quite a lot of space in the closet. Therefore, we keep it practical and tidy: just fold the sheets and duvet covers into the pillowcase of each set. Firstly, nothing is lost, and secondly, it will always be easy for you to find the right kit.

7. We buy suspended shelves

Hinged shelves are the must have of any small room. When to put another closet or rack is not an option, but I really want to put things in places, such convenient shelves will be magic wands for a comfortable wardrobe.

8. We send clothes to the "journey"

Ask your grandmother for a pair of vintage suitcases and turn them into a stylish piece of furniture. Of course, inside they will not be empty - we keep books, seasonal clothes or shoes in them.

9. Use separators for clothes.

When things are not folded neatly, they automatically take up much more space. Once and for all to solve the problem of disorder in the dresser, buy (or do it yourself) special tissue boxes. Then the underwear, socks, T-shirts will not be mixed up, not lost, and in the closet there will be a place for new clothes!

10. We put only functional furniture.

The best option for a small bedroom is the most functional and roomy furniture. For example, beds, sofas and armchairs with a lot of extra drawers.

11. We decorate the interior with wicker baskets

The same as with the suitcases - we put in the bedroom a pair of pretty wicker baskets. They will not spoil the interior, but they will be a great place to store any things.