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Say no: what indoor plants can not be kept in the house?


There are not many people who do not have at least one small pot of flowers in the apartment. Houseplants are able to successfully complement any style, even if you are committed to minimalism or strict high-tech. When buying plants you are unlikely to tell someone about the "pitfalls", and yet they can literally poison your life! We have compiled a list of plants that need to say a definitive "no" in your home. You will be surprised how many innocuous-looking flowers appeared there!

1. Azalea

Beautiful in appearance and deadly in taste - so you can briefly describe this flower. Azalea looks very impressive on any windowsill, is rich in flowering and unpretentious to care, but its leaves contain toxic substances. If ingested, they can even cause toxic shock! If curious pets live in your apartment, who are thirsting to pick a leaf or two from the plant, we recommend you immediately send the azalea to the trash can - this will prolong the life of your pet for many years.

2. Anthurium

Not the most popular, but very spectacular plant that conceals a serious danger behind its bright appearance. If in the case of azalea it was necessary to taste it, then here it is enough to simply cut off the anthurium or transplant it into another pot: the roots of the plant and its juice contain toxic substances, so even if the juice just gets on the skin, you will burn. If there are children in the house, this plant should be categorically abandoned.

3. Oleander

If you watched the film "White Oleander", then you probably know how much evil lurks in this delicate plant: oleander flowers are very poisonous, but that’s not the end of their danger. Even their scent can cause dizziness, especially if you keep oleander in the winter indoors. Therefore, it is better to replace this flower with something more innocuous.

4. Dieffenbachia

Diffenbachia can cause laryngeal edema if you taste its leaves. In particularly sensitive people and children, such an action can cause poisoning. When transplanting or pruning, the plant will burn you with its juice, and if there are allergies in the house, then they will obviously have a hard time with a similar green "neighbor."

5. Monstera

I don’t know about you, but I personally find it difficult to understand how it occurs to people to plant such a plant in their home: they clearly called him with such a monstrous name for a reason! In addition, it is rumored that the monstera sucks energy from sleeping people, due to which its leaves become large and fleshy. By the way, this is why it is recommended to put it in offices: absorbing all the negative, it creates a silence in the room.

If such stories do not impress you properly and you are accustomed to believing only the facts, then here they are: Monstera juice is really poisonous and can cause not only edema, but even conjunctivitis.

6. Begonia

Beautiful begonia may even be useful: the plant produces antimicrobial substances. However, will they be safe for allergies and pets? And those and others may react to them completely ambiguous. In addition, begonia contains salts of oxalic acid, which can cause severe burns of the mouth. So it is better to replace this beautiful plant, for example, with roses.

7. Fern

Different variations of the fern are often the basis of the winter garden: they are really very beautiful and can turn any room into a real enchanted forest! There is also an opinion that a fern can protect a house from evil spirits and reconcile the people living in it. Unfortunately, all these magical properties will have to be abandoned if there are allergies in the apartment.

8. Orchid

Not so long ago, the orchid was considered something rare and exotic, but now it is often grown right on the windowsill, arranging real mini-gardens of orchids. If, while reading this, you look at your impressive collection with horror, we will calm you down: orchids are not poisonous! But they can cause dizziness and even headache in people who are especially sensitive to odors. Keep this in mind, filling the entire space of your bedroom with beautiful pots.

9. Ficus

Ficus at first glance is a fairly innocuous and even boring plant, which is usually placed in offices in impressive tubs. Meanwhile, at night, he insidiously absorbs oxygen, so the neighborhood with a ficus is unacceptable in a small bedroom. Also, do not place it in the nursery: who knows what this oxygen "greed" of the plant will lead to.

10. Ivy

Finally, we will share with you a couple of “legends”: despite the fact that ivy is a fairly innocent plant and even cleans the air, it is he who can be the culprit of the fact that you are still not married: in the old days they believed that the girl who grows ivy, forever remain an old maid.

Not married the first year, so with affection you look at your beautiful ivy? Alas, and here he is cunning - can get your spouse out of the house! However, to believe in it or not, it's up to you.