Useful ideas

17 brilliant ideas of alternative use of familiar things, which few know


Some things can be used in the most unexpected ways. In today's review, we will focus on such cases of folk creativity. Surely, among the options presented to the reader, everyone will find something that is useful to him.

1. Car spoiler

Use a spoiler instead of a table.

On a picnic or on a trip, a car spoiler can be used as a table. Just before sitting down on the trunk of a car, make sure that the metal from which it is made is strong enough. In any case, you can safely put drinks and food on the spoiler of your car in order to have a comfortable snack in the fresh air.

2. Seat belt buckle

Key holder from the belt buckle.

The seat belt buckle can be used as the original key holder. Such an original idea, for sure, will appeal to motorists and people who tend to throw the keys anywhere, and then spend a lot of time searching for them.

3. The neck of a plastic bottle

The neck of a plastic bottle as a retainer for bags.

The neck with the cap, cut off from any plastic bottle, can be used as a reliable fixer for open bags of nuts, chips, cereals and any other products.

4. Clothesline

T-shirts on clothesline.

To significantly increase the capacity of the clothesline, try hanging the T-shirts upside down between the two ropes, fixing the edges of the clothespins. However, it should be noted that this method of drying can lead to deformations of products so that it is better to use them only in extreme cases.

5. The key to the tin

The key to the tin can instead of the hook for the frame.

The tin can key can be used instead of the hook for the frame. Such an improvised loop will allow you to easily and securely fix a picture or a picture on the wall.

6. Cupcake baking dish

Cup sauces and snacks.

When picking up a picnic, grab a baking cupcake. In its holes it is very convenient to pour sauces and lay out small portions of snacks.

7. Sticker

Sticker for collecting garbage.

If you are going to drill a hole in the wall, put a sticker just below it, bent, as in the picture. Such a trick during minor repairs will keep the floor clean.

8. Individual packing gasket

Wallet in individual packing packaging.

Carry a large amount of money? Fold the bills in an envelope, and carefully pack the envelope in an individual gasket cover. It is unlikely that a thief would be interested in such a hygiene item.

9. Tea pot

Feeder for birds from a teapot.

Instead of simply throwing out the old tea pot, turn it into a charming bird feeder and hang it in the yard or at the dacha.

10. Eraser

Eraser for suede cleaning.

A regular eraser will help get rid of stains and dirt on suede. Just rub the places of contamination with an eraser to their complete disappearance, and then walk with a special brush.

11. Clothespins

Clothespins holders.

Ordinary clothespins can be used as toothbrush holders. If you use clothespins more brightly, then such improvised holders will become not only a functional detail, but also a charming decoration of the bathroom.

12. Plastic cards

Mediator from a plastic card.

You can cut out one or more picks for a guitar from an unnecessary plastic card.

13. A glass of water in the microwave

A glass of water in the microwave.

While heating up the leftover pizza in the microwave, place a small cup of water in the center of the dish. This trick will prevent the appearance of a dry peel.

14. Hairspray

Non-standard use of hairspray.

Sprinkle the tip of the thread with a small amount of hairspray to quickly and easily thread it through the narrow eye of the needle.

15. System unit

Mailbox in the box of the system unit.

Unnecessary box system unit can be used to create the original mailbox for the suburban area or a country house.

16. CD

Stand under the hot from the CD.

With the help of simple bright décor, worn out CDs can be turned into charming cup coasters.

17. Clips for bread packaging

Markers for wires from clips from packs of bread.

Bread clips can be used to label wires. This trick will help bring order to the system of cables and cords.