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Bathroom accessories - style in detail


The bathroom is not only a room for sanitary procedures, but also a place to relax, relax and get in shape. When creating the interior of this multifunctional space, every detail is important. In particular, if these little things can not only perform their functions, but also decorate the design of the room. In addition, it is important not to forget that the bathroom is one of the visiting cards of the home. If guests can not enter the bedroom, study or library, the utilitarian room will be visited. The attention of your guests, without a doubt, will attract not only the overall design of the bathroom, but also many additions and accessories that can make your stay in this room more comfortable and enjoyable.

Large range of additional items for the bathroom

Do not count all the additional elements that can fill the bathroom interior. But in trying to equip their utilitarian premises with maximum comfort, it is important not to lose sight of the rational and not to litter the modest space (as is most often the case in Russian apartments). Before you go to the store to buy accessories in the bathroom, it is necessary to outline the circle of what is necessary and desirable, having come to a reasonable compromise. Make a detailed list of additional items - from the shower mat to the mirror, from the heated towel rail to the hooks for clothes.

Wall-mounted accessories

Absolutely all accessories can be attributed to this group of additional elements of the bathroom interior, the installation of which implies any attachment to the vertical surfaces of the room. Wall accessories include:

  • mirrors;
  • shelves;
  • handles and holders (in showers, hydroboxes and just near the bath);
  • heated towel rails;
  • hooks, holders and tripods for hanging things and towels;
  • Wall lights.

No bathroom can do without a mirror (and sometimes not one). Depending on the chosen style of decoration of the room, it can be both simple and concise mirrors without frames, as well as luxurious wall elements with rich decoration. If the bathroom has two sinks, then both one large mirror and a pair of wall elements can be placed above them. Here is an example of the choice of mirrors for the modern style of the bathroom - strict forms and the lack of decor emphasize the conciseness of the style.

In a classic interior, a mirror often acts as the main decorative element. The frame with a rich decor or the execution of the mirror itself in the baroque style allows you to create not only an authentic style atmosphere, but also to bring a truly festive, ceremonial character to the design of the bathroom.

The presence of open shelves used for the storage of certain bath accessories, due to the presence of storage systems in the form of cabinets under the bathroom or as separate modules. No less affected by the layout of the room, the present plumbing. For example, showers are often equipped with built-in shelves and mirrors, but near the bathtub and jacuzzi it is necessary to hang open shallow shelves for the various tools needed during water treatment.

In modern design projects of bathrooms it is still possible to find the use of wall mirrors, which are part of the facades of shallow cabinets. In such storage systems you can place a first aid kit, various cosmetics. For smaller bathrooms, such additional elements, which can also be called pieces of furniture, are a good acquisition.

The towel rings attached to the wall look original. No less effect can be achieved by connecting several small rings with a thick rope or braided element. For the interior in a nautical style or country-style, such an element will be accent, emphasizing the design of the bathroom.

Pictures or photos in frames as a wall decor of a bathroom seem to you an unreal option? Modern materials of execution of such accessories allow not to worry about the high humidity of the room and temperature changes. And yet, it is better not to hang the wall decoration in high-risk areas - in the area of ​​the bath apron, sink.

Wall lights can also act as a decorative element, in addition to performing their basic functions. Original wall sconces can be mounted directly to the mirror located above the sink.

Outdoor accessories

The name of this group speaks for itself - it includes all the elements that can be installed on the floor. This and various stands, shelves for bath accessories, floor towel holders, laundry baskets and even flower vases. Of course, the presence of these accessories is determined not only by the functional necessity, but also by the room's capabilities - its size and layout.

To the floor elements can be attributed to the table-stand, which can be laid as necessary for water treatment equipment, setting them near the bath, and put a vase with flowers, for example. Of course, these accessories are available only to large utility rooms.

Here is an example of the use of floor elements, not only to perform their basic functions, but also to bring originality to the interior. A low wooden ladder for hanging towels and a wicker basket for dirty linen or various accessories certainly create a special charm for the image of the bathroom.

If the bathroom has enough space, you can install a floor coat hanger for clothes and towels. Beautiful forged structural elements will be in perfect harmony with the similar design of stands, lamp holders and other interior items.

Textile elements for the bathroom

Only at first glance it may seem that towels can be the only textile addition to the bathroom. Small curtains on the windows (most often within private households), floor mats in front of the bathroom or near sinks, various napkins for open storage systems (relevant for some stylistic areas). Of course, no less great demands are made on textiles for the bathroom than on furniture or plumbing.

If in the bathrooms of modern apartments windows are rare, in the framework of private households such a phenomenon can be called quite natural. In order to hide what is happening in the bathroom from prying eyes or simply to ensure a comfortable presence in this room, curtains and curtains of various configurations are used - from usual straight models to fabric blinds.

Of course, the design, color and texture of textiles for bathroom windows should be in harmony with the image of the room, the style of its design. In rare cases, the role of color accent is given to textiles; nevertheless, textiles in the utilitarian space are not the main thing; the main attention is most often attracted to plumbing and room decoration.

Bath mats should be made of a hygroscopic material, easy to wash and dry quickly. Such an effect can be achieved only by mixing synthetic materials with natural ones. A rug in the bathroom will not only protect your feet from cold tiles (in the absence of heated floors), but also protect movement and decorate the interior.

Towels are not only an indispensable textile element of the bathroom, but also an excellent means for bringing a color accent to the interior. In modern design projects, often created in a neutral color palette, towels act as a bright element that attracts everyone’s attention.

Kits and not only for hygiene

Rarely does a room do without accessories for sanitary procedures - soap dishes and bottles for liquid soap, cups and holders for toothbrushes, various dispensers. The composition will be harmonious if all items are part of the set. The range of modern stores is incredibly wide - it is easy to choose the right set for your interior.

One of the universal versions of accessories for water and hygienic procedures is transparent or frosted unpainted glass. This set fits perfectly into any style of interior design of the bathroom. But the shape and design of additional elements for the utilitarian space will depend on the style of the room. For a minimalist, modern style, it is better to prefer a concise version of the sets, in a classic bathroom, you can use more elegant and even elaborate fixtures.

Not less popular appliances from ceramics. The snow-white performance of ceramic vessels and soap cases will suit any stylistic design of the interior, bright ceramic elements can become accent spots in the created bathroom design.

The convenience of using special trays (stands) for various bottles, soap dishes and jars is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to the tray, all the necessary water treatment devices will be placed in one place, if you spilled bath salts or spilled liquid soap (shampoo), then you only need to wash the tray and not the bath or the floors in the room. In addition, such compositions in the original performance incredibly decorate the interior, often becoming the center of attraction for attention.

To additional (optional) elements of the bathroom decor can be attributed, and candles in various stands, beautiful containers. To create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere it is difficult to come up with a more organic accessory than candles. By color, design, size and method of execution, you can choose or order a variant of candles (the whole composition of them) that will perfectly suit your interior.

Examples of the original design of bathrooms with unusual accessories

We offer to your attention several design projects of bathrooms, decorated with non-trivial accessories. The range of modern stores and the possibility of ordering certain household items according to an individual design allows you to create completely unique designs for bathrooms. For example, for the interior of a bathroom for children, you can use bright accessories of an unusual design: from moisture-proof wall stickers to shelves in the form of ocean dwellers - fish, dolphins or sea stars.

Details not only indicate the stylistic identity of the interior, but also reflect the individuality of the owners of the premises. With the help of additional elements, you can create a truly unique design with a unique character, a special color.

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