Useful ideas

15 things you can do much easier than we used to


Every day we make a lot of familiar actions and do not even think that there are unexpected solutions that are able to greatly facilitate the routine.

We love to make things easier and offer you 15 tricks that you want to use right now.

1. Use leftover sauce

The remaining sauce can be frozen in ice form and used when there is no time for a full dinner. Just heat it up with macaroni and cheese - and you're done.

2. Thinly cut the cheese

It's time to think about why this has never occurred to us. But it is obvious: to get very thin slices of cheese, you need to use an ordinary knife to clean the potatoes.

3. Squeeze juice from lemons.

If there was no juicer on hand and you need to squeeze out the juice from the lemons with your hands - heat them up in the microwave, and things will go like clockwork.

4. Dry the remaining greens.

When there is very little fresh greenery left after cooking - this does not mean that it should be thrown away. Just dry it in the microwave for a minute and use it next time.

5. We collect glass fragments

Broken glass is a guaranteed headache. You can simplify the situation with a slice of bread. Due to its texture, it will collect even those fragments that are not visible to the eye.

6. Fix the spoon on the edge of the pan

To make the spoon no longer fall into the pan, you just need to wrap the tip of it with a very ordinary rubber band.

7. Remove corn from the cob

Simply place the cob with the sharp end in a baking cupcake and cut the grain from top to bottom. The result - corn in a bowl, and around - no confusion.

8. Open banks

Everyone tried to open a tight jar with a towel. The next time this trick fails, try using stationery gum as shown in the photo. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

9. We measure food with a spoon

The masking tape fastened to the edge of the can will help you to get an exact measuring spoon of a product.

10. Fix the cutting board

So that the board does not “go” when cutting, just put a wet paper towel under it. Yes, yes, we also did not know about it.

11. Extend the life of wax candles.

Just put the wax candle in the freezer for the day before you light it. The candle will burn more slowly and will last twice as long.

12. Use spaghetti instead of a match.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but it really works. When there are no long matches, you can use one raw spaghetti tube. Lights candles on one or two!

13. Fasten garbage bags

Plastic bags are simply created to be reused as trash. If you agree with this, then you know how often they fall into the bucket. The solution is elementary - just fasten the hook for clothes on both sides.

14. Clean the bottles

There is not always a suitable brush for cleaning one or another bottle, but you can go for such a trick: pour crushed egg shells, close and shake well. The shell will remove all the dirt from the walls, it remains only to thoroughly rinse the vessel.

17. Decorating cupcakes

A quick solution for decorating cupcakes is icing sugar spilled through a piece of lace.