Useful ideas

Non-standard ideas how to create a cozy home interior with the help of textiles


Curtains on the window, towels and potholders - this is the standard set of textiles that is found in each apartment. But to limit the use of tissue only in these ways is not worth it.

Missing alternative opportunities to transform the interior with textiles - is not permissible. After all, such accessible decor looks unusually impressive.

1. Miniature but eye-catching curtains

The use of textiles in the interior of the kitchen.

Such curtains will be appropriate not only in the kitchen, but also in any room where the level of natural light is below average. Curtains decorate the interior, but do not block the path of the sun.

2. Spectacular panels instead of paintings

Wall panels of fabric.

From the remnants of fabrics that are in harmony with each other, you can make unusual panels. Just pull the textiles on a cardboard or plank and the right size.

3. Cozy country-style curtains

Cuts fabric instead of curtains.

Old handkerchiefs and cut fabric can be given a new life, using them as unusual curtains. Just knit them on the eaves.

4. Fabric accent wall

Wall decor textile canvas.

Accent wall, the design of which is different from other walls - a great way to revitalize the interior. The decor will become doubly more original, if for the decor to use a fabric canvas, stretched over a large frame.

5. Patchwork Carpet

Homemade shelves decor textiles.

Decoupage with textiles is a simple but effective way to change old furniture. A cloth is applied on the primed surface and covered with a layer of PVA mixed with water. After drying, apply several layers of acrylic varnish on the fabric.

7. Protection for open shelves

Textile curtains covering the shelves.

Many objects that are visible in the open shelves, create chaos in the interior. A simple way to organize the situation - hang curtains, replacing furniture fronts.

8. Covers for a variety of decorative pillows.

Decorative pillows in the interior.

Decorative pillows - an easy way to decorate the interior. In order for the pillows to make up a single composition, put the covers of harmonizing fabrics on them.

9. Cozy bed headboard

The headboard is upholstered in textiles.

Unusual headboard for the bed will make the interior of the bedroom individual. Making a headboard with your own hands is easy.

10. Sleep under a canopy

Original bedroom canopies.

Cloth canopy - a classic way to make a bed private and cozy. The canopy can be either translucent or made of thick fabric.

11. Unusual screen

Screen from textiles.

The screen will help to divide the living space into functional zones, as well as hide them from prying eyes.

12. Clothing for the lamp

Textile lamp shade for the lamp.

The usual lamp shade of the old lamp is easy to transform with the help of decoupage. To make the interior look complete, make a lampshade of the same fabric as the curtains.

13. Original ceiling finish

Ceiling decor cloth.

To decorate the ceiling with textiles is a non-standard solution that will radically transform any interior. Do not forget to take care that the fabric is easily removed for washing.

14. Comfortable hammock for home

Hammock do-it-yourself for home.

Comfortable hammock, made of thick fabric, can withstand the weight of an adult. The main thing is to secure the fixings on the ceiling.

15. Curtain for zoning

Blind for zoning living space.

Curtain can be used not only for window decoration. It is also a democratic way of zoning a room.

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