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19 original fixtures for the bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important and intimate places at home, and therefore the approach to its equipment should be special.

In order for all hygiene procedures to be as pleasant and quick as possible, you should think about bringing your bathroom into an appropriate form.

1. Vitamin shower filter

Shower head with vitamin filter.

A shower head with a special filter that purifies and ionizes water, removes chlorine and saturates it with vitamin C. Such a shower is guaranteed to provide its owner with a charge of energy and vigor, and also help preserve the health and youthfulness of the skin.

2. Massage mat

Massage mat with foot brush.

A small massage mat with plastic spikes, capable of producing high-quality acupuncture foot massage, and a stiff brush, with which you can wash your feet with high quality. The presence of such a rug on the bottom of a bath or shower allows you to turn it into a real foot spa.

3. Sterilizer

Device for sterilizing the toilet bowl.

A small device that is mounted on the toilet lid and with the help of ultraviolet radiation destroys bacteria, microorganisms and odors inside the toilet.

4. Step

Step for a comfortable shave.

Small plastic step that provides comfort while shaving legs.

5. Pillow

Bath cushion.

A stunning bath pillow made of perforated quick-drying material will be a real boon for people who, after a busy day at work, love to soak in a warm bath.

6. Apron for shaving

Protective apron for shaving.

Male apron, able to protect the floor and the sink from the hair during shaving. The principle of using things is very simple: one part is fixed on the neck, and the other is attached to the wall with the help of suction cups.

7. Wineglass holder

Stand for glasses.

Convenient delivery for a glass, which can be attached to any vertical surface with a suction cup, will turn water treatments into a real treat.

8. Hair Trap

Protective stopper for bath and sink.

A small cork, which is easily screwed into any drain and, like a “trap,” holds the human hair and animal hair, preventing them from falling into the drain pipe.

9. Shower waterfall

Unique shower head.

Unique shower with an unusual design of the head and a lot of holes that make it look like a stormy waterfall and allow you to get a powerful charge of energy and vigor.

10. Silicone brush

The brush for a toilet bowl with silicone blades.

The original brush with bright silicone blades instead of the usual bristles, which effectively remove dirt and easy to clean.

11. Removable urinal

Removable urinal.

A small removable urinal that is attached to the toilet using a flexible bracket is capable of preventing conflicts associated with a raised seat.

12. Janitor for a mirror

Janitor for the bathroom mirror.

A compact device that resembles a car wiper that will easily clean a dirty or fogged mirror.

13. Aquarium


Fantastic sink, made in the form of an aquarium with corals and fish, will be a real highlight of any bathroom.

14. Compact washing machine

Wall washing machine.

Compact washing machine, which is mounted on the wall and takes up minimal space, will become a real boon for a small bathroom.

15. Holders for brushes and pastes

Toothpaste and brush holders.

Convenient wall holders for toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste, protect hygiene items from moisture and dust.

16. Mixer

Futuristic mixer.

A futuristic mixer with lighting and an original lever instead of taps will be a great addition to any modern bathroom.

17. Rug

Rug with holes for the legs.

Wonderful soft bath mat with holes for the legs, which can easily replace slippers.

18. Robot cleaner

"Robot cleaner

An amazing crab-like bathtub and tile cleaner, equipped with suction cups and nozzles that allow it to move on any surface. It is enough to connect the robot to the mixer, and the cleaning will begin.

19. Musical shower

Musical shower head.

Shower head, which will allow you to combine water treatments with listening to your favorite music.

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