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19 original ergonomic solutions that will help expand the capabilities of small kitchens


To the attention of readers a new small review, in which almost two dozen amazing ideas for small (and not only) kitchens were collected.

Each of the presented options, to allow to optimize the available space, will allow to use all the available space effectively and will make cooking even more convenient and easier.

1. Rails

Rails on the side walls of the lockers.

Rails, mounted on the side walls of kitchen cabinets, is a great example of competent use of all the resources of a small kitchen. Such storage systems are perfect for placing small kitchen utensils, gloves, tacks, rolls of foil or parchment paper, and any other small things that can be hung.

2. Additional box

Built-in drawer for knives.

A small built-in drawer, equipped at the bottom of the cupboard, is perfect for storing knives, paddles, skimmers and other small kitchen utensils. Several such clever systems will allow to unload work surfaces and walls, on which, most often, they hang such tools.

3. Vertical rack

Vertical retractable shelving.

In a small kitchen every centimeter counts. For example, voids and gaps, which often remain between the refrigerator and the walls, can be used to place vertical drawers. Such systems will make the kitchen design more neat, thoughtful and allow you to place a lot of necessary things.

4. Sliding table

Modern sliding table.

A high-quality and stylish sliding table is an ideal solution for a small kitchen, where large companies often gather.

5. Minibar downstairs

Drawer in the plinth box.

Instead of useless basement boxes, equip functional kitchen drawers at the bottom of kitchen cabinets that can be used to store beverage bottles, lids, unused dishes and other small items.

Locker on wheels.

At first glance, this is a common kitchen cabinet with a worktop, but this is not at all the case. Thanks to the hidden wheels, this locker can be moved, creating additional working space for cooking. In addition, the worktop above this cabinet can serve as a small dining table.

7. Built-in drawers

Drawers in the worktop.

You should not look for a place for a breadbasket, a vase with sweets or fruit. Such products can be stored in deep drawers that are built into the countertop of a table or kitchen cabinet. Such built-in boxes will finally bring order to the small kitchen and make room for other things or processes.

8. Hidden table

A table on wheels under the cabinet.

If your kitchen is so small that even a modest dining table seems to be an unaffordable luxury, pay attention to this tricky project. A low table on wheels easily leaves and also easily hides, becoming part of the kitchen unit.

9. Retractable shelf for pots and pans

A small retractable hanger for pots and pans.

Pots pans take up quite a lot of space in kitchen cabinets and their placement can be a real problem for owners of small kitchens. To solve this difficult task will help ergonomic sliding shelf, hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets, which will compactly and conveniently hang all the overall utensils in one place.

10. Locker transformer

Folding table.

A charming wall cabinet with a hinged lid that easily turns into a small dining table with three open shelves above it is a great idea to save valuable space in a small kitchen.

11. Garbage container

Kitchen garbage disposal.

The trash can, standing in the corner, does not look very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it can interfere with movements during cooking, especially when it comes to a small kitchen. To solve this problem will help the sliding locker for the bin, and a retractable cutting board located above it, with a round hole in the center, will allow you to cut food and immediately send waste to the trash.

12. Retractable cutting board

Cutting board disguised as a cabinet.

A retractable cutting board disguised as a regular locker will provide an additional place to cut food, which definitely does not hurt in a small kitchen.

13. Storage of lids and trays

Narrow cabinets for covers and trays.

Narrow drawers, located on both sides of the stove, are perfect for storing lids, trays and bakeware, which usually take up too much space.

14. Wall mounted garden

Herbal garden on the wall.

A small wooden box that can be attached to the wall and used for growing greens, perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen and will become a real decoration of it. This unusual decor item does not take up much space and will provide the household with fresh greenery, regardless of the season.

15. Spacious lockers

Drawers in the sofas.

Spacious sliding cabinets, equipped under the sofas of the kitchen corner, are perfect for storing rarely used things, clean towels, food supplies, conservation and other things for which there was not enough space in ordinary cabinets.

16. Open shelves

Open shelves around the doorway.

Do not neglect even the smallest corner to create additional storage systems in a small kitchen. For example, open shelves, equipped around the doorway, are perfect for storing utensils, cookbooks, spices and all sorts of decor items.

17. A table by the window

Table instead of a windowsill.

A wide window sill can be a great alternative to a dining table for which it is difficult to find a place in the interior of a small kitchen.

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18. Folding table top

Kitchen set with folding top.

Kitchen set with folding worktops, under which are built-in stove and sink. Such an unusual solution will perfectly fit into the modest dimensions of a small kitchen and will allow you to create comfortable conditions for cooking.

19. Corner sink

Sink on the corner.

Corner space is not very convenient to use for the organization of the working surface. However, this place is perfect for arranging a large corner sink.

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