Useful ideas

17 tips to help create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony


Balcony is not only a place where you can throw old stuff, or seasonal things, but also an ideal space for relaxation and tea drinking.

But to create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere here you need not so much, and some inspirational ideas from our review eloquently testify to this.

1. Floor covering

Parquet floor on the balcony.

Starting repairs on the balcony, first of all you need to think about flooring. It is best to opt for natural materials. Parquet or deck boards will help to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort on the balcony.

2. Bench of boxes

Bench from unnecessary wooden boxes.

If you can not buy a bench, you can make it yourself from old wooden boxes.

3. Wicker chair

Wicker chair on the balcony.

A large wicker chair fits perfectly into the interior of the balcony. In this chair, you can enjoy your morning tea, presenting yourself in Paris, or get settled for a few hours with a book after a hard day’s work.

4. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains on the balcony.

Blackout curtains on the balcony will help to hide from the eyes of neighbors, hide from the sun or create an intimate atmosphere. Such curtains will be useful both to owners of open balconies, and glazed.

5. Suspended pots

Suspended pots on the balcony.

To decorate the balcony and add freshness to it will help hanging flower pots.

6. Coffee table with plant tray

Coffee table on the balcony.

A terrific idea for a loggia is a coffee table with a hidden tray for growing your favorite plants right in the middle of the tabletop.

7. Rack for plants

Glazed shelving plants.

The original way to place the plants on the balcony or loggia - put them in a large glass cabinet. In such a closet the plants will be comfortable in winter and summer.

8. Artificial turf

Artificial turf on the balcony.

Lay on the floor artificial turf or carpet of fresh green color. This coating will add warmth to the balcony and give a feeling of unity with nature.

9. Convection oven

Compact electric grill on the balcony.

Having placed a small aerogrill on the balcony, you can have fun picnics in any weather, without leaving your home.

10. Homemade swings

Swing on the balcony.

The original swing on the balcony can be made with your own hands, if you really try. But then in such an unusual chair you can enjoy the long-awaited summer and relaxed atmosphere of a well-deserved rest.

11. Bar counter

Bar counter on the balcony.

A small bar counter can be placed even on a very small balcony. To create it, you will need a piece of tabletop and several supports.

12. Soft seats

Puffs and pillows.

In the absence of high-grade furniture for the arrangement of the balcony, you can use large cushions and padded stools.

13. Hammock

Comfortable hammock on the balcony.

Instead of ordinary chairs and sofas, you can place a hammock on the balcony. This design will take about 80% of the space, but comfort and coziness are guaranteed.

14. Chairs from the pallet

Soft chairs from a pallet.

Stunning soft chairs with a base of wooden pallets (pallet).

15. Cabinet

Wardrobe on the balcony.

Most often, the balcony is used as a storage room in the apartment. Therefore, a wardrobe is a necessary thing on any balcony, because you can hide a lot of things in it that a hand does not rise to throw out.

16. Sleeper

Mattress on the loggia.

You can turn a loggia into a cozy place to rest by putting a mattress on the floor. This awesome idea is especially relevant for sultry summer nights.

17. Table

Homemade table.

From the old wooden box you can build a miniature table for the balcony. You can give it an aesthetic look with the help of painting.