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10 proven interior tips that will save living space and a lot of money


How to choose the right furniture for sleeping, so as not to spend too much, to effectively decorate the interior and at the same time make the living space more ergonomic and comfortable? Is the sofa capable of replacing a full-fledged bed and who is this option for?

We have compiled several useful recommendations to help you make the right choice!

1. There is always a way out. Sofa - a successful alternative to the bed

Perhaps someone will twist at the temple and say that choosing a sofa instead of a bed is not reasonable. But how many people, so many opinions, moreover, not all living space allows you to fit two dimensional pieces of furniture at once. To whom is the alternative replacement option suitable and where will the sofa look appropriate?
• In small apartments, where literally there is no place to turn;
• In odnushki and studio apartments, where every centimeter is at stake;
• In two-room apartments, where one of the rooms serves as a nursery, and parents have to huddle in the living room.

There is always a way out. The sofa is a good alternative to the bed.

2. Size does matter. How to avoid space clutter

Sofa couch strife, today the furniture market is full of bulky models designed for spacious living rooms. It is important to observe the rule of the golden mean. If the living room is of a standard size (about 12 sq.m.), then it will look great in it with models with dimensions 220 cm x 150 cm. Particular attention should be paid to the size of the bed, the standard for double models - about 195 cm x 140 cm.

Particular attention should be paid to the size of the bed, the standard for double models is about 195 cm x 140 cm.

3. Corner or straight? Laconic models that save space in the apartment

The choice of the type of model is also limited by the area of ​​the room where it will be located in the future. In a very small room, it is appropriate to arrange a straight sofa. In the studio apartment, the corner option is appropriate. It is perfect for those who like to host guests at home. On such a sofa can sit a big company.

Sofa instead of bed.

4. For sweet dreams. Bed comfort

Some refuse to buy a sofa instead of a bed because of unpleasant memories of spring mattresses, which were used to equip Soviet models of sofas. Every now and then they creaked, and the springs stuck into the body, which made hanging out on such a bed uncomfortable. Fortunately, those days are gone, and now it is easy to find models marked "for sleeping" in furniture stores. Do not hesitate to check their comfort, be sure to ask the consultant to expand the sofa, do not hesitate to sit down or lie down. You should not cause anything discomfort, if present, go to another model, even if this sofa is really very beautiful.

You should not cause anything discomfort, if present, go to another model, even if this sofa is really very beautiful.

5. One movement. What mechanism to choose?

Sleeping sofa, which is located in the living room in front of everyone, should be quickly and easily transformed. We have chosen several of the most convenient types of transformation, in the opinion of our editorial board:
Click crack. It unfolds and folds mechanically, and allows you to adjust the back in the prone and half-lying positions. The price of such models can vary from 10,000 to 25,000 rubles.
Accordion. Very reliable and durable. Such models are equipped with an additional storage box, which is hidden in the back of the sofa. Cost of does not exceed 25,000 rubles, the cheapest sofa from this segment will cost about 20 000 rubles.
Dolphin, Conrad, Puma. Roller mechanisms that can be expanded literally with one hand movement. Sofas of this kind cost from 20,000 to 35,000 rubles. They are durable, and they are not afraid of daily transformation.

Stylish alternative to the bed.

6. With the expectation of years. What upholstery material is more practical?

Now velvet and suede are in fashion, but how practical are these types of materials? Rather, they are designed for visual effect, and a sofa with such upholstery will be a chic interior complement. For a sleeping place, more practical fabrics are needed, for example, tapestry or chenille.

Velor also differs in beauty and practicality, it looks spectacular, comfortable to the touch and resistant to wear. For those who like to be on the crest of fashion, there are eco-leather and eco-suede.

And if you are a very practical person, then choose a sofa with upholstery from flock, so you will also save on cleaning it. In order to put in order such furniture, it is enough just a damp clothes brush or sponge.

Sofa for sleep should be not only beautiful, but also practical.

7. The illusion of space. Which sofa visually saves space?

If today we are talking about saving, it is impossible not to mention how to save space with the help of properly selected furniture. First of all, the sofa should have a compact design, without unnecessary volume parts.

The next thing that visually changes the space is the color of the furniture. Of course, here you need to rely on the overall design of the room and its color scheme, but it is desirable that the sofa was made in bright colors. The most practical option is light gray, it will perfectly fit into modern and Scandinavian styles. Bright decorative pillows will help dilute the monotony.

To bring a touch of lightness to the space, choose models that slightly rise above the floor on metal legs. And yes, do not ignore metallic elements, they always play positively in favor of ergonomic space. They are easy to care for, and they also successfully reflect the light.

Choose compact and concise models.

8. Corner of comfort. Where is the best place for a sofa?

A good option - in one of the corners of the room, they often go unheeded. A good chance to use them with benefit. The angle should not be dark, otherwise a cozy atmosphere can not be achieved. Ideally - near the window or opposite it, of course, not very comfortable for sleeping, if the windows have no curtains. You can solve the problem with rails or thick Roman curtains. If there are no windows in the room at all, then it is advisable to equip the area where the sofa stands with spotlights.

The sofa can be placed at the window.

9. Down with the closet. Couch storage systems

Often, modern sofas complement storage systems. In some models, an additional drawer is hidden under the main seat, in some - in the back, in others - in the side panels. There are those in which several different storage systems are combined. This is an additional plus, because buying a sofa you get not only a bed, furniture for receiving guests, but also a full-fledged storage system where you can hide bedding, clothes, shoes, seasonal clothes.

Choose a sofa with additional storage systems.

10. Kopeyka saves the ruble! Budget savings due to the purchase of a sofa

Is it really profitable to actually buy a sofa instead of a bed? Let's count! On average, the frame on the bed with headboard costs from 10 000 rubles. The base under the mattress with flexible lamellas will cost approximately 7 000 - 13 000 rubles. Medium quality mattress can be found in stores for 15 000 - 16 000 rubles. As a result, you need about a bed 33 000 - 39 000 rubleson average, a budget sofa with good features can be taken for 35,000 maximum.

Comfortable and practical sofa to sleep.