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Sink for the kitchen: 5 tips that will help determine the choice


Sink in the kitchen is not bought for a day, and not for two.

It should last for a long time, so its choice should be approached with all the responsibility and pay attention not only to the beautiful design.

We have compiled a list of mandatory criteria that should be considered when buying and installing a kitchen sink.

Common Space Design

The sink should fit perfectly into the interior.

You should not start updating the kitchen with a sink, at first it is better to decide on the overall style of the interior. When the task is set, the concept of the future project is defined, you can proceed to the choice of plumbing. In this case, when choosing a sink, several criteria must be considered at once - the color, material and style of the fittings.

Sink in the modern interior of the kitchen.

In classic style, sinks of warm and neutral shades look good - ivory, white, beige, brown. The crane and switches can have an elegant beautiful design with carved details.

Sink in classical style.

Scandinavian style requires extreme simplicity - a white or metal sink, a sleek tap, functional hot and cold water switches.

Sink in the interior of the Scandinavian cuisine.

The loft is appropriate washing of natural stone, steel or black ceramics. Such sinks are the highlight of the space and put a stylistic point in the design of the kitchen itself.

Stylish black sink.

Minimalism and hi-tech love geometric shapes, practical materials and discreet design.

Sink in hi-tech style.

When size matters

Beautiful big wash.

The size of the wash is also an important criterion when choosing it. Here, first of all, you need to build on the quadrature of the kitchen itself. If it is spacious enough, then you should not save - no one has yet refused a large sink. And there are a great many of such options on the plumbing market, and sinks in two sections are especially popular. So at the same time you can perform several tasks, for example, defrost some foods in one, and wash fruits and vegetables in the other.

Wash, divided into two sections.

Another thing, if the kitchen is limited to square meters and I want to make it as ergonomic as possible. In this case, it is better to focus on compact (but deep) options.

Compact round sink.

Remember that the sink depth, regardless of its size, should be at least 15 centimeters, ideally - 16-20 centimeters.

Convenient form

Comfortable pentagonal shell.

The shape of the sink is inseparable chain related to its size and squared kitchen. If there is enough space, you can choose a large rectangular sink. Square washing is considered traditional and fits almost any space. For a small kitchen, a corner or round sink, which does not take up much space, would be an excellent option. There are also pentagonal models, they fit well into the interior of a small, and into the space of a large kitchen.

Stylish wash.

What material is more practical

Sink from composite materials.

We smoothly approached the most exciting question of which wash material to choose. The most popular today are stainless steel, ceramics, composite materials, artificial stone. Let us consider in more detail the pros and cons of each of them:

• Stainless steel. Sinks from this material are inexpensive, easy to install, fit any interior, serve for a long time. Of the minuses, you can highlight the fact that it is scratched, and still noise. But these shortcomings really fix. To scratches were less noticeable, you need to choose a model with a rough surface, and not with polished. Noise is eliminated with a special substrate that absorbs noise.

• Ceramics. Such shells perfectly fit the classic style, durable, attractive in appearance. Cons: requires professional installation, heavy, can crack or get chipped from mechanical impact, costs more than steel.

• Composite materials. These include regranit, agglomerate, silgranit, kerasil, fragranit, corian, tegranit, acrylic. They are distinguished by a variety of shapes and colors, resistant to temperature changes, very practical and quiet. A minus of such materials in their overestimated cost.

• Fake diamond. Shock resistant, presented in 10 different shades, great for loft and country styles, will look good in a classic and modern space, not noisy. Cons: are painted from coffee, beets and similar products, and are afraid of hot objects, as well as more expensive than other materials.

Spectacular kitchen sink design.

Installation height

Ceramic sink for the kitchen.

The classic height for installing the sink in the kitchen is 83-84 centimeters, but it is necessary to take into account the growth of the hostess and adjust individually to your needs. And you can find out the optimal height as follows: the hostess’s elbows should be about 10 centimeters from the sink itself. It is necessary to focus on the range from 80 to 90 centimeters.

Modern laconic sink for the kitchen.