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How to grow green onions on the windowsill in the ground or water


If there is no problem, you can arrange a garden in your own apartment.

It is worth knowing how to grow onions on the windowsill.

Getting delicious green feathers is pretty simple. The plant is unpretentious, so you can cope with it even without special skills.

How to choose bulbs

The advantages of growing a house on the windowsill of an onion are not in doubt. You can eat healthy vegetables even in winter, when the body especially needs vitamins. You can be sure that the product is not treated with harmful chemicals. In addition, if you want to make a delicious salad, there is no need to run to the store. Onions are always at hand.

To grow green onions on the windowsill can be in the ground or in water. Equivalent methods, they do not affect the speed of obtaining the crop and its quantity. Therefore, we must choose the one that is more to their liking.

It should start with the selection and preparation of bulbs. Most often grown onions. But other varieties are suitable for home as well: onion sets, chives, leeks. Moreover, sevok or shnitt can be grown from seed, if there is such a desire.

It is best to use already sprouted bulbs for feathers. That is, it is easier to practice distillation from about January, when the vegetable comes out of a state of rest.

But even before this time, you should not deny yourself this source of vitamins. You just need to follow some rules:

  • Bulbs choose medium-sized.
  • In the fall, they should be placed in a cool place, such as a refrigerator. This will speed up germination.
  • If there are no sprouts yet, then the top of the bulb should be trimmed. This procedure is not performed with those who have already chosen.
  • Some time before planting, onions should be placed in a place with high humidity. It is necessary to start planting when the rudiments of roots are noticeable in the lower part.
  • Before planting the bulbs should be kept for 12 hours in warm water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • The bulbs must be healthy, strong, free from damage and signs of rot. Depending on the quality, they are capable of releasing feathers 2-3 times, so that the crop grown on their own will be enough for a long time.

In the ground

Growing onions on a feather in the ground is not that difficult. The plant is fairly undemanding to the soil, since the bulb itself contains the main supply of nutrients. It is advisable to use soil with neutral acidity, it is recommended to ensure good drainage. There must be holes in the container so that the water can flow freely and the sump where it will be collected. Capacity needs to be chosen rather high. If there is not enough land, the roots will push the bulb to the surface.

The optimal time for landing is January. To determine whether the bulbs are ready for distillation, one of them can be placed in a container with water. If the roots begin to grow actively, then it's time to start growing.

The feature of the bulbs - after planting, they do not increase in size, but, on the contrary, shrink. Therefore, you can have them next to each other. Onions are planted at home like this: first a small layer of drainage, then a layer of soil not less than 10 cm deep. The bulbs do not need to be completely buried in the ground, it is enough to do this by a third.

Immediately after planting is not recommended to put the bow on the window. It is better to choose a shaded area, this will allow the root system to successfully form. After a few days the containers need to be rearranged to a well-lit place. Now the plant should receive enough sunlight. In winter, additional light sources should be used: fluorescent lamps or special lamps sold in stores for gardening goods.

Take care of the need and temperature. Onions are rather cold-resistant, but it hardly endures the heat. At temperatures above 30 degrees the bulbs will not release feathers. The optimal climate is 20-23 degrees. In winter, you need to monitor whether it is too hot on the windowsill due to the operation of the batteries. In the summer to control whether containers overheat under sunshine. To avoid this, it is recommended to wrap the container with foil.

Onion feathers on the windowsill, the cultivation of which provides minimal care, will be juicy and tasty only if the plant gets enough moisture. It is better to water not too often, but plentifully. It is also allowed to spray greens with water from a spray bottle, but no drops should remain on the bulb itself.

In a plastic bottle

Home-grown onions are a nice addition to the daily diet. But there is not always enough space on the windowsill to place the right number of trays with sprouts. An ordinary plastic bottle of 5 liters or more will help save space.

Onions in a bottle are planted in this way:

  • In the bottle they make several rows of holes. They should be somewhat smaller than the bulbs so that they do not fall out. You should not do the first row right near the bottom, otherwise the water will flow out.
  • The bottle should be placed vertically. Pour in the prepared soil before the first holes. Put the bulbs in the holes, cover with earth to the level of the next row. And so repeat several times until the bottle is completely full. Now the plants need to be watered.
  • Soil can be universal, and it is also allowed to use its substitutes. For example, mineral wool. It is only necessary to remember that all manipulations with it should be carried out in gloves, as this substance aggressively affects the skin. Other materials that are able to retain moisture, such as sawdust and vermiculite, are also suitable.

The plants in the bottle on the windowsill grow well and give a bountiful harvest.

In a greenhouse from a bottle

The usual 5 liter bottle can be adjusted in a mini greenhouse. It is necessary to cut the foldable cover vertically, to plant the seeds in a large part.

In the package

You can use the method of growing in the package.

In water

If there is a problem, how to grow green onions on window sills in winter, then you should pay attention to the way in which the soil is not used, but only water. Many people remember this method from childhood: an onion is placed in a jar of water, and after a few days it gives delicious feathers. However, in this case, you need to know some of the nuances.

So that fresh onions are constantly present on the table, it should be planted in batches with an interval of a week.

The main feature is that the bulb cannot be completely lowered into the water, it simply starts to rot. In contact with the liquid should only a small part, on which the roots are located. To achieve this, you can take a very large onion or a small jar, in which the planting material does not fall through. It is also allowed to make a hole in the lid.

It cannot be said that the string of cans on the windowsill looks very aesthetic, besides, the water grows cloudy. It is more convenient to grow onions in the winter in special containers, you can make them yourself. Such containers include a water pan and a lid with holes. They should be put onions.

In this design, it is important not to forget to regularly change the water. She can be plumbing, only she should be allowed to pre-settle. Even better - use an aerator for the aquarium.

How to grow chives

In addition to the usual bulb, you can do the cultivation of chives on the window sill. This plant has an unusual taste. It can be propagated vegetatively or with the help of seeds, and the second method is preferable. Do it this way:

  • Soak the seeds before planting.
  • Lay a layer of drainage in the pot, then pour the soil. The onion chit has no developed root system, so the container may not be too deep.
  • Next, you need to make shallow grooves and fill planting material in them.
  • For the harvest to be rich, you need to take care of the planted seeds: water them, mulch with peat, you can also feed.


If you are interested in how to grow onions, then you should know that this plant is a perennial. It will give the harvest in the second year, the first winter on the windowsill it will stand as an unusual decoration.

Understand how to plant a bow on the greens on the windowsill is easy. A little patience and a minimum of effort, and as a result you can enjoy home onion. In the conditions of the city, a independently grown vegetable will become a reason for pride when the time comes to harvest. In addition, it will help support health.