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These 11 items can completely kill the comfort in the house


Home is the place where you want to return. It should be warm, cozy, comfortable and family.

Alas, often some detail prevents the room from becoming really comfortable, and we do not understand what the matter is.

To finally figure it out, we found 11 mistakes that many people make when decorating a room.

11. Upholstered furniture with colored upholstery

A sofa with motley colors can look good in a store, but harmoniously fit it into the interior is quite difficult. It is better to prefer monophonic furniture. And if you wanted diversity, colored pillows and cozy rugs will come to the rescue - you can change them every day, according to your mood.

10. Lonely paintings in bulky frames

When one big picture hangs on the wall, and even in a large frame, it does not look too harmonious. By drawing all the attention to itself, such a decoration violates the proportions of the room. Much more advantageous will look like a composition of 2-4 small paintings in one style.

However, if the interior is made in a classic style, a big picture will be a logical addition to it. Especially if it is a genuine canvas of the eminent master.

9. Multi-level shiny curtains

Such curtains are good only in an appropriate environment. And if you do not live in a castle, but in a modern apartment, more coziness will be added by drapes made of solid material, contrasting to the walls. They are able to visually expand the window and make the room larger.

8. Many useless shelves

Open shelves hanging in disarray on the walls create the illusion of “easy storage”. Although in reality they only make the wall heavier and collect dust on themselves. And to constantly remove all these small items and put them back during cleaning seems like a slow torture. If you still cannot find an alternative storage location, or you just can’t imagine your life without shelves, leave 1-2, hang them symmetrically and do not force every square centimeter with things.

7. Interior in one color

Walls, floor, furniture, curtains and accessories in one color palette look stylish. But in all you need to know when to stop. If all the items are matched to a perfect tone, the room will become too “sterile” and faceless, like a hotel room. To add home comfort, it is enough to dilute the interior with several accents of brighter or darker tones.

6. Wrong arrangement of furniture

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room. If the room is large, it is not necessary to arrange all the furniture along the walls. Move it closer to the center and get a cozy space. Of course, if it's not about the dance floor.

But if the room is quite small, then arrange the furniture along the walls would be the perfect solution.

The main rule - correlate the number and size of furniture with the dimensions of the room. The labyrinth of tables, chairs and cabinets gets on your nerves in a room of any size. It is unlikely that someone will be delighted with the need to constantly bypass the corners, step over interfering legs and squeeze through the door sideways.

5. Insufficient illumination

For good health, need sunlight. If for some reason it almost does not penetrate into the room, do not save on lighting. It is better to have several light sources and to adjust the brightness depending on the time of day, rather than constantly living in the twilight.

4. Direction of laying the floor

It sounds strange, but if you put parquet or laminate in a small room, not in the usual way along the walls, but diagonally, then the space will visually become larger.

3. Wall color

Too bright or too dark walls seem to put pressure on our consciousness. Usually in such an environment we feel uncomfortable. Wallpapers of brighter tones can not only visually expand the room, but also allow us to feel calmer and more comfortable.

2. The abundance of bright details

Excessively creative design leads to the fact that, entering the room, a person is lost on the number of color spots. Attention is scattered, and the room is perceived more as a museum than as an ordinary living room. When 1-2 bright details are in the corner farthest from the door, it attracts attention, the room seems larger and you want to stay longer in it.

1. Disorder

Even the most ideal room will lose all of its warmth and charm, if things are lying in disarray in it, and dust is flying in corners in clumps. Do not forget to regularly clean your cozy nest.