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13 interior tiles to help simplify cleaning


Weekly cleaning is not the most pleasant household duty, for which it is so pitiful to waste precious time off.

So that it takes as little time as possible, we collected for you 13 interior tricks.

1. Monolithic car wash

The working surfaces of the kitchen as well as the sink should be as monolithic as possible so that not a single speck leaks into the gap.

2. Board on the floor without chamfer

When the floor is perfectly level and all the boards fit tightly together, it is much easier to clean. When choosing between a board with a facet and without it, one should prefer the latter, with a direct abutment. Choosing parquet or laminate with a beveled edge, we agree to devote more time to cleaning because we will have to clean small villi and dust from the crevices.

3. Seamless tile

The main difference between a seamless tile and a traditional tile is that it does not have a chamfer along the edge. All elements fit snugly together, creating a solid coating from which it is easy to remove dirt. The seams between the tiles are as thin as possible, and the grout less clings to a different debris.

4. Grout to tone darker

Grout on the floor tile should be chosen to tone darker than the darkest area on the tile. Grout, especially cement, absorbs a lot of dirt, which is especially clearly visible on the bright joints.

5. Gray floor

The dust that accumulates in the house is of medium gray color, which is why it is so clearly visible on the black or white floor. On the gray floor, it will be almost invisible, which will create an illusion of cleanliness in the house, even if the room clearly requires cleaning.

6. Waiver of carpets

Carpets are real magnets for dust and dirt, and the longer the pile is, the longer and more difficult it will be to clean them.

7. Wallpaper with a small pattern

A small drawing hides all stains on the surface, distracting attention to itself.

8. Paint with wax

The wax in the paint creates a protective layer on the surface of the wall that repels dirt. If the walls get dirty, you can just wipe them off.

9. Smooth ceiling

A sophisticated multi-level ceiling with an over-the-ceiling illumination is an excellent dust collector. We choose a flat ceiling and do not think about where to get a stepladder to wipe hard-to-reach niches.

10. Free surfaces

We remove small souvenirs, figurines, toys from all open surfaces in cabinets, where much less dust falls. This will significantly reduce the cleaning time.

11. Built-in furniture

Cabinets, including the kitchen, should not only be built into the walls, but also tightly fitted to the ceiling, so that at the top edge of the headset, which is so difficult to reach, does not accumulate dust. In addition, in this way we will protect ourselves from the temptation to place unnecessary vases and banks in this prominent place.

12. Cabinets with plinth

Dust accumulates around furniture legs. In order not to suffer, trying to get to the far dusty corner under the cupboard, it is worth choosing furniture with a plinth covering the legs.

13. Hanging toilet without rim

You can say goodbye to bacteria that accumulate under the rim of the toilet bowl once and for all, simply by giving up the rim. And hanging models will help reduce the time of cleaning: under them you can simply wipe with a mop.

And what tricks for quick cleaning do you use in your home? Tell us in the comments!