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Apartment heaters: features, types, choice of the best option


Modern technologies allow you to choose the best heater for the apartment that meets the necessary requirements and personal preferences.

Which model to choose so that it is not cold in the apartment will be prompted by a personal characteristic for each type of heater in stores or reviews on the Internet.

Fan heaters

Fan heater is one of the most budget and convenient options. With a small size, with its help, the air in the room quickly reaches the desired temperature. For use in the apartment the most convenient option would be a fan heater, powered by electricity.

Inside the fan heater is installed a heating element that is blown through the air with a fan. Some models have the function of a conventional fan, when the heating element is turned off. The achievement of quick results is due to the possibility of permanent operation of the device, unlike other types of heaters.


  • Compact size
  • Effective work,
  • Mobility,
  • Little weight,
  • The lineup starts from low-cost options.


  • Noisy,
  • Dries the air,
  • Absorbs oxygen
  • Unpleasant smell (in models with a heating element in the form of a spiral of nichrome wire).

In the photo on the left - an electronic system with a control panel, on the right - a mechanical control system.

Types of fan heaters:

  • desktop,
  • floor standing
  • wall mounted
  • ceiling.

The portable type is the most compact and noisy, it is simple and convenient to use in the conditions of an apartment. Floor and wall heaters have great performance and can carry the function of a heat curtain in the hallways from the street.


The effect of the infrared heater is different, the air in the apartment is heated in the direction of the radiation waves. The design consists of a housing, a heating element and a reflector. The principle of operation is to generate waves having the property of heating objects, which in turn heat the room of the apartment.


  • Does not dry the air,
  • Quick effect
  • Ability to work outdoors
  • Economical.


  • High price,
  • Not impact resistant.


  • floor standing
  • wall mounted
  • ceiling.

Unlike stationary wall and ceiling heaters, the floor device is mobile and makes it easy to move around the apartment from one room to another.

A mechanical or electronic thermostat will help maintain the desired temperature.

Types of heating elements:

  • carbon fiber
  • quartz,
  • halogen,
  • mikatermicheskie.

The least practical is a quartz heater, the heating element consists of a glass tube and a spiral, which is easily broken when dropped. The service life, just like the carbon type, is only two or three years. Halogen type "wins" in value. When the lamps are lit, they are rarely used in the bedroom. The best option for the apartment will be a mikatermichesky heater, it eliminates the possibility of burn yourself and economically consumes electricity.


Comfortable and safe type of heater for use in the apartment. It works on the principle of the air passing through the heating element, which at the outlet rises up pushing cold air to the bottom.


  • Silent
  • Safe,
  • Does not have an unpleasant smell
  • Eco-friendly,
  • Exact temperature,
  • Does not "eat up" oxygen.


  • High power consumption
  • Location only near the outlet.

Types of heating elements:

  • needle,
  • monolithic,
  • dry heaters.

The needle type is characterized by fast heating and low cost, but such a heating element does not tolerate water and high humidity.

Tubular heaters (TEH) are durable and not so afraid of moisture, but you should not install them closer than 1 meter to the water source. Unlike the needle type, the elements do not heat up so much.

The heating element of the monolithic type is characterized by durability, quiet operation, as well as minimized heat loss.


The thermostat helps to maintain the most comfortable temperature in the apartment. After a certain period of time, about a minute, the sensor measures the air temperature and if it is below normal, the heating element is turned on. The cost of an electronic thermostat is higher than a mechanical one, but this type is accurate and noiseless. Mechanical thermostat does not have the ability to accurately determine the temperature.

In the photo on the left - electronic thermostat, on the right - mechanical.

Views by design:

  • wall mounted
  • floor standing

Outdoor option is convenient mobility, it is easy to move around the apartment. When buying, as a rule, the kit includes a wall mount and a stand for floor use. The wall option saves space in the apartment and looks neat, the device is mounted 10-15 inches from the floor.

Useful options: Modern compressors are filled with additional functions, such as shutdown when overheating, shutdown when shutdown, ionization and air filtration. These features will secure the apartment and maximize comfort.


The oil cooler is a metal body filled with mineral oil. Heating of the apartment occurs by heating the liquid, the warm air from the heated walls of the device naturally spreads around the room.


  • A budget option,
  • Does not "eat up" oxygen
  • Silent
  • Safe.


  • Heats up slowly,
  • Heavy,
  • Bulky,
  • Does not tolerate high humidity.

Most often, oil heaters are used in the floor form, it is the most convenient option for use in a city apartment, the device has a movable base. Also make models with wall and ceiling mount, table and for children's beds.

Economical and energy saving heaters

An important aspect when choosing a heater for an apartment is economical power consumption during operation. The energy-saving options include infrared heater, convector, devices with mikatermicheskim heating element.

The most economical option can be considered a ceramic panel, the power consumption for a room of 20 squares is only 1 kW per hour of work. In addition, this option has a stylish design and will look good in the interior of the apartment, and also has a long life.

Heater fireplace

The electrofireplace successfully fits into an interior of a drawing room or bedroom, has effective appearance in different variations. Visually, an electric fireplace simulates a flame of fire and glowing embers. A heating element in the form of a tubular electric heater and a reflecting reflector is built inside the structure. Thanks to the built-in thermostat, the heating function is turned off when the desired temperature is reached.


  • Variety of choice
  • Matches a different style.
  • In addition to the direct function of heating the room is an element of decor,
  • Ability to disable one of the functions.


  • Low heat generation
  • Dries the air (if the air humidification function is not provided).

There are several types of electric fire: corner, wall and separate. The latter option can be placed in any part of the room.

Comparison table of characteristics of heaters

Power usageCost ofVolume
when working
Warming up
of air
LowAverageLowSlowAverageRaises dust
ConvectorThe averageHighLowSlowAverageRaises dust
Heat-tillerHighLowHighAverageHighRaises dust
The averageHighLowFastIndividually (depending on size)Long-term exposure to infrared rays is harmful

Before you choose the most successful option for yourself, it is worth considering all the necessary parameters. If there are children in the apartment, it is better to give preference to ceiling and wall models, and in rooms with high humidity it is worth staying at the safest option. Properly selected heater will be harmless and quickly fill the apartment with heat.

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